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We’ve been introducing quite a few homes on Airbnb you can stay in, mostly because we really like stalking other people’s houses it can get quite difficult to navigate the thousands of listings available. And while virtually browsing strangers’ homes can be fun — even helpful if you’re looking for ideas to decorate your own home — an odd part of us always wants to look at the weird options: the house that was once a jail, or the room that’s really not as liveable as its host would like us to believe.

Here are the weirdest housing options you can find on Airbnb. Beware, trolls ahead.

1. The Former Jail

If this listing is to be believed, then this cosy home is what used to house lawbreakers in Berlin. It’s now looking a lot more pretty, but who knows what went on in these four walls all those years ago?

Image Credit: Airbnb

Image Credit: Airbnb

Price: S$109/night

2. The Really Tiny House

This made it onto Airbnb’s Top 40, so it’s really equal parts weird and amazing. It will go anywhere you want it to, will cost only 1 Euro a night…and won’t come with a bathroom. (There is a homebase, however, where you’ll be able to keep your luggage and use the toilet.)



As for the ever-essential need that is WiFi, you might want to check out these options.

3. The Doghouse

It’s not an actual kennel, of course, but this one‘s a really strange accommodation that’s like a dog version of the Trojan Horse (and I don’t mean the computer virus). Just look at it:

airbnb doghouse

airbnb doghouse

It will allow you to bring your family puppy along, in case you were wondering, which could make for a great Inception-inspired Instagram shot.

Price: S$132/night

4. The Private Island

Many people dream of living on a private island, with visions of soft white sand on tranquil beaches, cozy wooden lodges and a break from the hustle of daily life. But we can’t help but get slight Cast Away vibes from this one.

airbnb island

The dim lighting adds to the creepy factor, no?
The dim lighting adds to the creepy factor, no?

Price: S$220/night

5. The Igloo

You really can’t argue about the weird-ness of this one. It’s a legit igloo, which not only allows smoking, has an indoor fireplace…and 0.5 bathrooms. I’m not sure, but it seems like something’s off with this one. Another thing you can’t argue about is the host’s sense of humour. Just check out the description of the listing: “Not available in summer, although it is not so cold austria, thawed, is cheap.”

airbnb igloo

airbnb igloo

Was the Airbnb logo on this last picture Photoshopped? Because I have no explanation for this.

Price: S$84/night

6. The Pub

…with no beer. Conroy’s Old Bar, unfortunately, no longer has a liquor licence, which means you’ll (ironically) have to bring your own alcohol to the bar. According to its description, Ireland’s most haunted castle, Leap Castle, is only about a 30-minute drive away.

airbnb pub

airbnb pub

Price: S$200/night

7. The 200-Year-Old Church

If you’ve watched enough bad Hollywood horror flicks, then you’ll know that places of worship can be very scary locations to dwell in, no matter how innocent they may look.

airbnb church

airbnb churchBut if you can get past the exterior of this former church, the interior does look a lot more welcoming.

Price: S$200/night

8. The Cave

airbnb cave

For a while, I was wondering if you would actually get any shelter at all living in this cave, but it seems like you will:

airbnb cave

The pictures don’t tell you where this sheltered area is in relation to the cave, so you might have to go there to find out. Still, it promises better acoustics than the Sydney Opera House, so I guess that’s a plus?

Price: S$255/night

9. All The Tents

For some unexplainable reason, there are a fair number of listings on Airbnb that consist of nothing more than a tent. I don’t mean a huge one, like a marquee, but an actual tent where you won’t even be able to stand up in. And for the prices that some of these are going for, I’m pretty sure you can get a decent roof over your head, with a connecting bathroom and WiFi.

airbnb tents

From: From S$44/night

10. An Actual Sandcastle

airbnb sandcastle

That is all.

Price: S$1468/night (This is not a typo.)

All images are credited to Airbnb.

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