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Published 2015-11-20 12:08:34

Christmas is barely a month away, which means that most of us would have already begun shopping for — or at least thought about — what to get for family and friends. Buying stuff for others isn’t always easy: there’re so many factors to consider, and depending on how big your family is, Christmas shopping can be a really expensive endeavour.

But take heart, because the festive season is also when big brands bust out their most generous promotions and sales, making the dent on your bank account a lot less painful. Here are the biggest ones you should take note of.

1. Zalora’s 12.12 Online Fever

zalora 1212

For the second year in a row, Zalora will be bringing a huge range of deals to online shoppers this coming December 12. The sale will kick off at midnight on 12.12, and last for four days till the 15th of December. And if you think there’ll only be Zalora’s usual items on offer, then you’re wrong: the online shopping site has partnered with more than 250 brands, including some familiar ones like Lazada, Naiise and ShopBack.

This is being touted as Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce event, and if the recently concluded Singles Day sales were any indication, then Zalora’s 12.12 sale will be intense. Deals from categories like fashion, travel, food and beauty will be on offer, so it’s going to be a case of fastest fingers first. We hope you’re ready.

2. Orchard Road

Image Credit: lightslant.wordpress.com
Image Credit: lightslant.wordpress.com

Online isn’t the only place that sales will be taking place this festive season. And strictly speaking, neither will they be limited to Singapore’s most famous shopping street. Come year end, most shops on our island are likely to be offering shoppers with huge discounts and promotions, so it’s really prime time to get your Christmas shopping done.

If you’re one of the forward thinking types, then you might realise that this will be a great time to shop for your Chinese New Year stuff too. This can go some way in helping you avoid the crowds and higher prices when next year rolls around. If you need tips on how to conquer the sale season in Singapore, we have just the thing.

3. Meiji Annual Warehouse Sale

Apparently, this has been taking place for years without my knowledge, which really pisses me off more than a bunch of snacks should. So to make up for all the past years (and all the lost sweets), I guess I’ll just have to buy a lot more this year.

Out of my way, fellow snackers.

4. SITEX IT Show

This one’s for the gadget fiends, or those who have tech-loving friends. SITEX is the biggest IT fair we have in Singapore, with deals usually becoming even better on the last day. So it’s really up to you if you want to risk waiting for a bigger discount and being told that what you want is out of stock, or securing your new device on the first day and then find out it’s price got slashed by half.

5. Tigerair’s 50% Sale

Unfortunately, this one’s only for NTUC members, who’ll receive a half-price discount when you enter your IC number at checkout.

But even non-members can win, what with the numerous contests taking place on the airline’s Facebook page. If you’re a Singaporean living overseas, for example, you might want to check this out and possibly win a flight home in time to celebrate the new year with your family.

Now that’s what I call a great way to end the year.

Just take all my money already (Image Credit: forums.archeagegame.com)
Just take all my money already (Image Credit: forums.archeagegame.com)

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