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Toilets can be very gross places. In some cases, this would be an understatement, even in always-clean Singapore.

But for some people — like introverts, maybe, or drug dealers with stuff to hide — a toilet can be a safe haven, a respite from whatever lies outside the 1 by 1.5 meter stall. And with this feeling of security comes a range of behaviours that no one wants to talk about.

Survey Monkey, however, has worked with the Restroom Association of Singapore and Piktochart to reveal the toilet habits of more than 600 Singaporeans. Their findings include a mix of facts that everyone already knows but never discloses, as well as some secrets we’d rather take to the grave (or, in this case, flush down the sewers).

Here’s what their survey found:

SurveyMonkey Toilet Survey

The survey also threw up some additional findings that were not captured in the infographic:

Dirty seat survey monkey toilet

Clearly, good food is not always enough to win over a Singaporean.

Talk and text survey monkey toilet

ring survey monkey toilet

eating survey monkey toilet
Now I’m beginning to question everything I know about my friends.

Aside from the fact that we now know some of the deepest, darkest secrets of toilet users (i.e., everyone), this survey might also be a timely reminder to check in on our hygiene habits. After all, if some people find it more acceptable to eat in the washroom than chat on the phone, then there must be something seriously wrong with our perception of cleanliness.

At the very least, this will prompt us to think twice the next time we use someone else’s phone to make a call.

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