Catch an Uber ride to a clinic on MyDoc.my directly from the healthcare platform.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-12-07 12:41:11

MyDoc.my is a multilingual platform for patients who would like to look for a doctor or clinic in Malaysia. This platform provides interested users with extensive information about its list of healthcare providers that they can in turn use to decide whether a visit to a particular clinic or doctor is worthwhile.

The platform currently caters to thousands of visitors each day and it helps them find the right doctors and healthcare providers in Malaysia. Given that MyDoc.my wants to provide its community of users with greater value than just simple referrals, the team behind MyDoc.my is always on the lookout for new and innovative partnerships.

After months of thoughtful planning and meticulous integration, they’ve secured a partnership with Uber in America and Malaysia that enables their users to request an Uber right from MyDoc.my.

Image Credit: MyDoc.my Facebook Page
Image Credit: MyDoc.my Facebook Page

You can click on the UBER icon and it will instantly show you a list of drivers (uberX, uberXL and UberBLACK) around you along with their estimated time of arrival, and then you can make your booking.

Once you select a driver, the platform will redirect you to the Uber platform where you can confirm the booking after you enter your credit card information.

This integration provides you with an instant option of travel, and it saves you the time and hassle of referring to different platforms for the sole intention of planning your travel.

Image Credit: MyDoc.my
Image Credit: MyDoc.my

For example, you don’t have to open up Google Maps to figure out the exact location of the clinic, and you don’t have to open up the MyTeksi app or even the Uber app to setup details that pertain to your location and destination. You don’t need to waste time waiting for either one of the platforms to pin point the exact location of the clinic.

This integration of Uber in MyDoc.my essentially presets some of the location-based data, thus you can book a ride with the minimal amount of clicks. Also, Uber will be sponsoring first time riders with two free rides with the Uber code UBERMYDOC (worth RM20 each) to any clinic or hospital that’s listed on MyDoc.my’s network. The total value of sponsorship is worth RM3 million and it will cover all clinics and hospitals that are subscribed to MyDoc.my.

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