The Original Clothes Buffet 2015 will be a chance for deal lovers to score an array of clothing for only RM50.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-12-14 16:35:58

The end of the year often times spells shallow pockets for most people, me included. This could possibly be attributed to the countless number of epic shopping sprees that we have indulged in over the course of the 365 days on the calendar. Call us ‘spendaholics’ if you will, but there’s always a sale just about every month or so, and the term ‘sale’ itself would have been enough to entice us to surrender all our hard-earned moolah.

In order to ease the pain on spending yet more money on expensive clothing this festive season, as well as to bring a little fun back in shopping, an social media commerce platform and an online shopping portal are teaming up to bring forth a clothes buffet.

Image Credit: A Shopaholics Den Facebook page
Image Credit: A Shopaholics Den Facebook page

Termed ‘The Original Clothes Buffet 2015‘, the event is introduced to Malaysian shopaholics by A Shopaholics Den, an online fashion and shopping site, as well as the pioneer site in our country’s search for clothing buffets.

Founded in 2008 by Soh Yienyee, A Shopaholics Den helps to inform Malaysians on the latest fashion trends, news and events in the online shopping sphere. This in turn gives a chance for various local brands to showcase their products to a mass amount of people. With the clothes buffet, they are also responsible for creating a unique experience for shopaholics looking to score themselves a deal.

Image Credit: A Shopaholics Den Facebook page

Now in its fifth year running, the clothes buffet is an ideal avenue where price cuts are done in style. By paying a small sum of RM50, shopaholics can purchase anything that they can lay their hands and hearts on, and there is no limit as to how many pieces are being purchased.

The only catch to the deal is that all the free-sized clothing items must be able to fit into a small plastic ziplock bag provided by the event organisers upon payment. If that alone is not a challenge, then shopaholics would be glad to know that the fun event will see them making a mad dash for the clothing of their choice, because they are only given a 15-minute time frame to shop.

Image Credit: A Shopaholics Den Facebook page

Upon check out, everything which has been folded and squeezed into the bag without breaking it, will be in the possession of the buyer. Should the bag happen to rip during the shopping spree though, a penalty of RM20 would be imposed.

The idea of the whole shopping spree is to be creative, and to challenge an individual in seeing how many pieces of clothing would be able to fit into the plastic ziplock bag in a quarter of an hour. Besides the 15-minute clothes buffet, there would also be a bonus blowout sale whereby all items will be sold at RM10 a piece, and it is sold at a first come, first serve basis.

While only women’s clothing are offered at the event held in Parkamaya Level 3 of Fahrenheit88, there will be a variety of pop-up stores participating at the event, as well as festive workshops, inclusive of an aromatherapy workshop which will be interesting for not just the ladies, but for men as well.

Past clothes buffets have drawn in a large crowd and it is expected to be just the same for the upcoming event which will be held on December 18-December 20, from 10am-10pm. Therefore, deal lovers are advised this time around to purchase pre-sale tickets in advance.

Tickets can be purchased via Square.my so as to be able to cut through the long queue during the date of the event. After all, where there is a sale, there is bound to be a crowd, and it is best to go prepared.

To score a shopaholic’s deal in time for the new year, click here

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