Batman, bicycles, chemistry, and cats—these cafés stamp a new meaning to quirky.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-12-18 11:10:11

Cafés are synonymous with being a great hangout spot for people of all ages. Malaysians are undoubtedly big foodies and we would happily flock to a café for many hours on end, just to chat and eat.

With an ever expanding list of cafés, the only thing to differentiate one from the other is by creating a unique experience for the customers. Creativity is essential in order for businesses to not only sustain itself but to draw in a good number of guests daily.

A great way to leverage on the creativity for cafés, is to utilise a theme in order to make it unique. These are 7 quirky Malaysian cafés with themes that are interesting and would be able to draw in lovers and fans of that particular theme. Doraemon or Batman, anybody?

1) Hello Kitty Gourmet Café (Sunway Pyramid)

Image Credit: Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe

The adorable cartoon character is what makes this predominantly pink café a choice for many Hello Kitty enthusiasts and even those who may not have a particular affinity towards the Sanrio icon. Children are some of the guests at Hello Kitty Gourmet Café and it comes as no surprise because of the selection of kid-friendly meals such as Candy Floss Macaron Mountain (RM40.70), Aubergines De Chocolat (RM20.30), and Mini Chicken Sliders (RM21.60).

2) DC Comics Superheroes Café (Sunway Putra Mall)

Image Credit: Hype Malaysia

Superheroes come to life at this café with food and drinks which are creative in their presentation. For example, drinks could be served in cups bearing a superhero logo or even feature latte art with the emblem of Batman and Superman. At DC Comics Superheroes Café, every comic fan can relive their childhood dreams with meals such as Nightwing Rampage Blue Berry Pancake (RM13), Caped Crusader Waffle (RM15), and Smallville Cafe Mocha (RM15).

3) Dream Youth Café (Jalan Kuchai Lama)

Image Credit: KindMeal.my
Image Credit: KindMeal.my

Previously known as D’Dream Café, now they are known as Dream Youth Café. This café features Doraemon as their main character and emblazoned across the walls are stickers of the blue cartoon character. Doraemon plush toys can be seen at this café and just about every other memorabilia imaginable. Some of the meal selections here are the Egg Mayo Sandwich (RM7.90) which has the character imprinted on the bread, as well as a fairly affordable mug of cappucino (RM7.90).

4) Clawset Café (Damansara Jaya)

Image Credit: Clawset Cafe

Animal lovers would find Clawset Café a complete joy as they will not only get to enjoy meals such as Fried Chicken Wings (RM10.90) and Apple Crumble Waffle (RM15.90), but also mingle alongside a set of paws. They call themselves a ‘petting zoo’ on their Facebook page, and for the right reasons, because there are dogs and cats available to pet and snuggle with whilst spending time at Clawset Café.

5) Chemistry Café + Lab (Shah Alam)

Image Credit: Chemistry Cafe + Lab
Image Credit: Chemistry Cafe + Lab

I remember how much I dreaded heading to the Chemistry lab during my high school days due to the fact that the subject was one of my worst. However, Chemistry Café + Lab does not give off the feeling of that tough Science subject. It is actually in fact a good hangout spot for newly-minted couples as the puns that can be made here are endless. Featuring chemistry lab beakers as cups and a chemistry-based wall art, notable meals here are the Bomb Chiller (RM11) and Awesome Vanilla (RM11).

6) The Grumpy Cyclist (Taman Tun Dr Ismail)


Cycling is an activity which is starting to grow in relevance in the Malaysian community with the rise of cycling events. The Grumpy Cyclist has cyclist wall arts plastered across their bricked walls, not to mention huge bicycles being hung up as well. They are no doubt cycle enthusiasts for sure and they have gone old school with the café with some brown boxes which double up as chairs and tables. Meals that can be taken here include a big breakfast called The Gran Fondo (RM18) and Italian Mystery Pancakes (RM12).

7) Departure Lounge (Damansara Utama)

Image Credit: Departure Lounge
Image Credit: Departure Lounge

Travel enthusiasts would fall in love with this place which is almost reminiscent to an airport lounge, hence the name of the café, Departure Lounge. With travel books from all around the world placed on the shelves, as well as a menu which is designed after a departure board, this place can be a good location to hang out at whilst indulging in meals such as Prawn Aglio Olio (RM16.90) and Drip Brew Coffee (RM11). If there’s nowhere you’re heading to for the end of 2015, here would be a good option to daydream about the festive holidays.

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