GrabCar releases Star Wars-themed cars for a limited time, in line with the craze for the sci-fi movie.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2015-12-22 18:22:02

Commuting to work today, I heard a radio announcer sharing that the Star Wars craze may last well into a month before it finally dies down. With the craze following the release of the 7th episode of the sci-fi movie, I can understand why. It is a long-awaited movie and there are many fans here in Malaysia. As such, GrabCar has followed suit with the craze, with their Star Wars-themed cars.

A total of 150 Star Wars-themed GrabCars will bear the images of the Imperial Stormtrooper and BB-8, the astromech droid belonging to Resistance Pilot, Poe Dameron—terms only Star Wars fans would be familiar with. The cars will be released in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok from now until December 30.

This effort is part of GrabCar’s regional marketing campaign which is also in partnership with Disney Southeast Asia. Cheryl Goh, the Group VP of Marketing for GrabTaxi Holdings said, “This initiative is part of GrabCar’s ongoing efforts to delight passengers and make their journey with GrabCar fun and memorable.”

Image Credit: GrabCar

Alongside traveling in complete nerd style, passengers of the Star Wars-themed GrabCars will also stand a chance to win Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie tickets as well as merchandise. GrabCar states that users who ride the themed cars would automatically put themselves in the running to win 1 out of 20 pairs of the sci-fi movie tickets that are being given away daily, and winners will be chosen at random as well as notified at least two days after their ride with GrabCar.

In order to book the themed car, users can download the GrabTaxi app on their preferred app store and register for an account. Following this, they need only to select the ‘Star Wars GrabCar’ option as their vehicle type and enter their pick-up and drop-off locations. All that is left to do then is to click ‘next’ and await for their confirmation on the Star Wars-themed GrabCar.

Image Credit: GrabCar
Image Credit: GrabCar

This effort by GrabCar is perfect for those who prefer to show up to their destination to a chorus of “ooh”s and “aah”s from passerbys. After all, if one cannot seem to book a ticket to the highly anticipated movie, they can at least ride in a car which depicts the movie, and turn up anywhere in style, plus be in the running to win some free tickets.

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