Jadilah Seperti Rashid is the Malaysian equivalent of Be Like Bill. 

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2016-01-15 14:59:12

Imagine gaining more than 200,000 fans in the span of 2 days? Our society is no doubt hungrier than ever before for the attention that they seek on social media. Much care is being placed on crafting the perfect image, status, and update that they post online.

Hence, 200,000 fans for a page to receive in just 2 days, is really no small feat indeed. In fact, it would almost be equivalent to gaining close to 70 fans every single minute. It would also be a dream that not many would ever see come to fruition. One Malaysian social media page managed to gain that amount recently and it was only apt that they scored their fans so quickly, due to the content which they put out.

Jadilah Seperti Rashid is the equivalent of the Be Like Bill page which chronicles the life and doings of the individual, in the form of memes. These memes are often times smart and humorous at the same time, thus making them relatable and shareworthy.

Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid

The Malaysian version of this page recently went viral and received thousands of likes with most of the memes that they have posted thus far. The admin of the Facebook page posted an update last night (14th of January) that the page has reached the 200,000 marker in less than 50 hours.

Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid
Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid

Many netizens soon became curious of who the admin behind this highly successful page was. Some even asked if the star, Rashid, is from Taiping, Perak. This was because an image was posted that resembled a place in Taiping. “This is Taiping. Rashid is from Taiping,” commented Facebook user PAk AsAm.

Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid

Another question which seemed to be asked was why the name Rashid, in the first place? The admin user finally posted a status update explaining why.

The English translation of the update would be, “Many are asking, why the name Rashid? Okay, Rashid or Murshid is the word from the Arabian language which stands for the one who shows the way. We realised that many people these days engage in their daily activities in a wrong way. We try to correct it through a message which is relayed in the form of simple images.”

That is essentially what Jadilah Seperti Rashid has been doing thus far with the memes they have posted.

Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid
Image Credit: Jadilah Seperti Rashid

Translated in English, the text in the meme means, “This is Rashid. Rashid knows the usage of an alarm. When the alarm rings, Rashid would immediately wake up. Rashid doesn’t turn off the alarm and resume his sleep. Rashid is smart. Be like Rashid.”

Social media users are generally equipped with a much shorter attention span these days. Hence, with the memes, Rashid is able to engage the netizens and make them laugh at the same time over things which they probably shouldn’t do.

By turning these advice into a form of a meme, Rashid could be that wise-but-not-too-naggy grandpa that we all need in our lives to remind us what we should and should not do. Perhaps then, we could all learn a healthy habit or two from Rashid after all.

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