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End of last year, the colour experts at Pantone announced two tone of colours as the Colours Of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Extreme colour professionals might argue that it is a sin to refer to Rose Quartz as baby pink, but in my eyes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s sexy new colour is close enough.

Just yesterday, Samsung has unveiled their latest limited edition of the flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is in Pink Gold—a shimmery pink colour with slight gold-ish undertones.


Colours play an influential role in determining one’s smartphone preference. It exudes personality, character, and identity. Samsung recognises this and Mr. Lee Jui Siang, Vice President of the IT & Mobile Business Unit at Samsung Malaysia Electronics reiterates this by saying, “The exceptional innovation and functionality of the Galaxy Note 5 aside, we realised that colour too play an important tole in the popularity of the phone. From our research on market insights and predictions of current trends in the smartphone industry, we noted that Pink is a unique vibrant colour that resonates with many consumers.”

“We introduced the Galaxy Note 4 in Pink last year and it was a remarkable hit with many consumers. Now we want to continue the trend and this time, introduce the Galaxy Note 5 in Pink Gold,” he added.


The Pink Gold colour introduced by Samsung aims to resonate with women of all ages and they want it to be reflected onto a smartphone that harmonises style and productivity with a touch of femininity, sophistication, and grace.

While the camera of my Samsung Note 4 was not able to do the Pink Gold colour justice by fully capturing that “femininity, sophistication, and grace” in pictures, I assure you that when I held the Note 5 Pink Gold smartphone, my white Note 4 paled in comparison.


In terms of specs and overall performance, there is no big leap from the Note 4 to Note 5. The main feature that makes the Note 5 a step above the Note 4 would be its innovative S Pen. The S Pen for the Note 5 has a nib that is more sensitive and precise, which allows users to create and design calligraphy design and drawings that’s beautiful and detailed.

In the screenshots below, I used the same calligraphy pen tool that’s in the same colour and thickness. However as you can see, the S Pen writing in the Note 5 is more refined and the calligraphy design is also more obvious (there is a more notable difference in the parts of the letters that are thick and thin).

4 vs 5 stylus 1


Offered for a limited time only, the Galaxy Note 5 is now available for purchase from 21 January onwards (while stocks last) at a retail price of RM2699 (inclusive of GST).


Maxis users can opt for the Maxis Zerolution plan which lets you own the Galaxy Note 5 Pink Gold which has zero upfront payment and comes with a monthly installment of RM93/month for 24 months. If you subscribe to the Maxis Zerolution package on either a MaxisONE plan128, 158 or 188, you will also be entitled to 12GB of free data within 14 days of signing up and it will be allocated to you over 6 months (additional 2GB of free data every month).

If the Pink Gold is not quite your colour, there is also the other more common options of Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, White Pearl, and Black Sapphire.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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