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If there’s someone who has been making her life work so far connecting singles in Singapore with one another, that would definitely be Ms Violet Lim, the director of the Lunch Actually group, which also owns and operates dating app LunchClick.

In case you are unfamiliar with LunchClick, a popular dating app in Singapore, it sends users one match a day at noon, and if both users express interest in each other, they can then be connected via the app.

On a daily basis, Ms Violet handles the Lunch Actually group, which has presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

So how does Ms Violet manage her time? We took a sneak peak of the apps she lives by on the smartphone to understand more:


1. Calendars by Readdle

“As I did not fancy the UX of the iPhone native Calendar app, I was delighted when I found this app. With my business, family as well as community commitments, daily meetings and the regular visits to our regional branches, I no longer try to remember all my meetings by heart. My PA helps me to manage my daily schedule, and this app helps make sure I get to all my meetings and flights on time. Everything is also colour-coded e.g. purple for work, light green for family, dark green for exercise, yellow for travel so that I can see at a glance what I am spending my time on.”

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is no longer just about chatting with friends. It is also used for connecting with my Cupids and Transformers. I have multiple chat groups with our different product teams – Lunch Actually, eSynchrony, LunchClick, Lunch Actually Academy to get updates on their progress as well as help with troubleshooting when necessary. I find it quicker to reply via chat than through email. I also use Whatsapp to keep in regular contact with my kids (when I am at work) as well as with my parents who are living in KL.

3. Facebook (and other social media apps e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn)

I use Facebook to stay in touch and catch up with my friends and family who are overseas. Recently I met up with a friend whom I have not seen for 10+ years. There was no awkwardness whatsoever as we have been up to date on each other’s lives through our respective Facebook updates! I also use Facebook to document the various key events and milestones of my life. Sometimes it feels like a journal, albeit a more public version. 🙂

4. FitBit

The LunchClick team gave me a Fitbit ChargeHR for my birthday last year. Have been wearing it regularly to remind myself to keep fit and stay healthy amidst my hectic schedule. The app is great to track my daily 10,000 steps (I try!), my daily water intake as well as my sleeping patterns.

5. Skyscanner (and Agoda)

Having recently expanded our operations to Jakarta and Bangkok, I make regular trips to our regional offices to catch up with our team members, explore new business partnerships as well as for media interviews. Skyscanner is extremely handy to check out the best flight times and connections for the various airlines, and Agoda is great to find the best deals on hotels.

Apps I Live By is a series where we take sneak peeks into the smartphones of influential personalities. Last year, we discovered numerous new apps and the favourites of many accomplished individuals. Should you have a story or want us to feature someone, drop us a note at team@vulcanpost.com. Cheers.

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