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How do you spot a wine lover? According to Lorelai Gilmore, they sniff, swirl and swish when they’re sipping a glass. They can also describe the vintage discrepancies and grape crop projections in the coming years.

While her remark is more of a mockery than a compliment, one can’t help but note — and feel offended — that it’s a flawed statement. Any oenophile knows that it’s far more than that – it takes a certain knowledge to appreciate the complex taste of wine.

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Enter Epicurio

Epicurio is a social wine marketplace that was launched back on December 2014. Founded in Singapore by Clement Hochart and Nikhil Gupta, it allows users to share their recommendations (ratings, tasting notes and articles) with the community.

The Epicurio app selects the best prices in the region and allows users to buy wine from a network of importers. There is free delivery for orders above $50. With plenty of trusted reviews, it’s no wonder that the app has garnered positive reviews by local wine aficionados.

Epicurio revolutionises our wine drinking experience. Say, when a user takes a picture of the wine bottle label, the app recognises it and automatically stores its info. This way, the user can compare the different prices and get instant access to reviews.


Singapore V.S. Hong Kong

Before its launch, the founders were undecided whether to choose Singapore or Hong Kong as their market. They eventually settled on the little red dot and cited the consumer driven economy as one of the reasons behind their choice.

They explained, “We felt that buying wine selections right on the app would be a good fit within a now consumer-driven Singapore. Singaporeans love experiences, especially that of both social and e-commerce natures, being one of the most modern societies in Asia.”


The future ahead

Now that Epicurio has secured a spot in the local wine and social marketplace, what else can wine pundits look forward in the future? Currently, the company is looking for ways to expand their wine range.

In the later months, wine lovers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and France will be able to buy their favourite alcoholic beverage on the app.

Personal anecdote: I’m a lightweight. It only takes a tiny sip for me to have a full-blown migraine attack. Even so, I managed to find tons of useful lists to round out my wine knowledge.

For instance, did you know that the wrong wine can change the entire flavour of a dish? It’d be like drinking battery acid.

Wine lover or not, you got to admit that Epicurio is a worthy contender in the wine marketplace. It could very well change the way we drink wine at home.

Download the Epicurio app on Google Play Store and iTunes.

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