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Subscription boxes, a concept that most of us are too familiar with – you sign up for a subscription box from a particular website, and every month, a team will specially handpick products and put them in a fancy box and get it mailed to you. The best part? You don’t have to leave home to get them and you get to enjoy the thrill of unboxing them once every month.

Subscription boxes are particularly awesome for those who want to be slightly adventurous, don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the additional effort in getting their monthly necessities. There is almost a subscription box for everything in Singapore, ranging from activities for the kids to fashion and healthy snacks.

Here’s a comprehensive, all you need to know list of subscription boxes that you have got to check out!

For The Fashionistas

1. Club Lowinsky

Image Credit: Club Lowinsky

If you don’t have the luxury of time to shop or are clueless to what will make you look awesome, here’s where Club Lowinsky comes in. This apparel subscription box caters to men and women, delivering to your doorstep up to 5 handpicked apparels and accessories a month. Getting started is simple, just fill in a simple form with details regarding your size and style preference and let Club Lowinsky’s stylist handle the rest, while you wait for your box to be delivered.

Subscription: Starting from $32 for women and $52 for men

2. The Little Link

The Little Link
Image Credit: The Little Link

The Little Link is an online gentleman accessory shop that sells all types of cufflinks, bow ties, ties, pocket squares and lapel pins. If you are obsessed with tiny details like most of us are, The Little Link’s subscription box consists of 3 or 4 randomly picked cufflinks will be sent to you monthly. If the design doesn’t quite suit your style, they provide a free exchange policy.

Subscription: Starting from $68 to $88

For The Foodie

3. Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh
Image Credit: Simply Fresh

Get fresh organic produce sent straight to your home weekly with Simply Fresh. They provide a wide variety of different themed boxes ranging from just fruits to mother and child to even a juicing box. The fresh produce in each box changes periodically to keep things interesting, with the only down side is being its price tag.

Subscription: Starting from $150 to $250

4. FitThree

Image Credit: FitThree

FitThree is a food delivery service with a healthy twist. All its meals are planned by professional dieticians to ensure that all the food groups are properly covered in every meal for those who lead an active lifestyle in mind. In addition, all their meals are prepared using non-GMO, no additives and fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Just one downside, Fit Three does not deliver to your doorstep, instead has some strategic pickup points near your gym or yoga studio.

Subscription: $12.90 a meal

5. Food Matters

Food Matters
Image Credit: Food Matters

Want to have local favourites but not the calories? Food Matters whips up favourite local fare but with a healthier spin. Each meal is planned by a certified nutritionist to provide as much nutrition as possible without additional calories or fats. Some examples include Nasi Lemak made with brown rice or Chicken Curry made with cashew nut milk.

Subscription: $7 to $10 a meal

6. The Hungry Chef

The Hungry Chef
Image Credit: The Hungry Chef

This is cooking made easy, The Hungry Chef provides you with meal kits and delivers it right to your doorstep, especially useful when you are just too tired to head to the Supermarket after a long day at work and want some comfort food. Choose from a wide variety of fresh pre-packed meal kits which include Chilli Con Carne with Fluffy White Rice to Bulgar With Flower & Peas Pilaf, each meal kit is catered to feed two.

Subscription: Starting from $15 to $22 (Each meal serves two)

7. Kim’s Kitchen

Kim's Kitchen
Image Credit: Kim’s Kitchen

Kim’s Kitchen provides daily local comfort food dinner delivery right to your doorstep, in a traditional ‘Tingkat‘ (stackable metal containers). Expect to find food that grandma used to cook for you when you were young, choose between three dishes and a soup or four dishes.

Subscription: Starting from $171.20 for 1 to $655.91 for a family of 7

For Sweet Endings

7. Pint Society

Pint Society
Image Credit: Pint Society

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, than this can’t get any better, Pint Society is a subscription box that delivers two pints of surprise hand-crafted ice cream a month to your doorstep. Expect good ol’ ice cream without any chemical filled preservatives here.  Flavours change every month, they have concocted some really interesting flavours like Pineapple Tart and Hazelnut Bomb.

Subscription: Starting from $29 to $38 for 2 pints

8. Thirsty

Image Credit: Thirsty

Calling all beer connoisseurs who are more than the regular Heineken or Tiger beer, this one is for you. The local craft beer shop, Thirsty has also joined in the subscription box game. Starting from $178, Thirsty will send you 6 bottles of craft beer right to your door step or three months. Get a sneak peek and taste small batch craft beers from hipster breweries from all across the globe right in the comfort of your own home.

Subscription: Starting from $178 (6 beers monthly) to $628 (24 beers monthly) for three months

9. The French Cellar

French Cellar
Image Credit: The French Cellar

If beer isn’t really your thing, then how about having two bottles of wine that has been specially chosen for you by one of the best 3 Michelin star sommeliers in the world, delivered to your door step? In The French Cellar’s subscription box, chose between Vineyard Gems, Tasting Voyage or Grand Crus – or in layman terms, green horn, slightly knowledgeable and wine connoisseur. In each box, you would find a small wine tasting guide to let you know more about the wine that you are about to enjoy.

Subscription: Starting from $79 to $259

10. For The Health Conscious


Guilt Free Box
Image Credit: GuiltFree

With Chinese New Year just over, it is time to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon before the next feasting holiday arrives. GuiltFree sends you a selection of 4 healthy snacks a month, delivered to your door step to prevent you from falling off your diet. You have the option to pick and choose from its comprehensive list that of nuts, granola and trail mixes for your next order – new flavours are added periodically to keep things interesting.

Subscription: Starting from $12.90 to $18.90

11. BoxGreen

Box Green
Image Credit: BoxGreen

BoxGreen is a healthy snack subscription box with two big twists. Firstly, it comes in tiny snack packages instead of a large park that you snack from, which is great especially for those constantly on-the-go. Secondly, it gives back to the community. With every subscription box purchased BoxGreen donates a meal through Willing Hearts to help the needy in Singapore. The best thing about BoxGreen is that they have over 30 varieties of interesting snacks like, Salted Caramel Sun Seeds, The Magic Ninja and Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites to choose from.

Subscription: Starting from $24.90

12. Made Real

Made Real
Image Credit: Meal Real

Meal Real is another healthy snack subscription box that delivers to you either fortnightly or monthly, depending on how much snacking you really do. Expect to find dried fruits, nuts, granola and even cookies! Made Real follows a theme every month and packs its snack box accordingly. If you fancy something else or want something extra, you get to add on more healthy snacks on its Marketplace tab.

Subscription: $24.90 a box

For All Your Personal Needs

13. Blissy Box

Blissy Box
Image Credit: Blissy Box

This one is for all the girls who go through a week of physical turmoil every month. Yes, you got that right. Blissy Box wants to make your monthly period less painful and easier to bear by mailing you the monthly necessities including sanity pads, tampons, facial products, chocolate and tea to soothe the horrid cramps and keep those hormones in check. Just fill in a simple form and let Blissy Box know of Aunt Flo, your subscription box will arrive a week prior to your cycle.

Subscription: Starting from $9 to $30


Image Credit: OHHMYBOX

OHHMYBOX is the only subscription box in Singapore catered to men. Expect to find grooming essentials, facial products and even accessories like cufflinks, ties or socks based on that month’s theme. As no two men are the same so are the boxes that OHHMYBOX delivers, anyone who subscribes would have to fill up a short questionnaire on your personal style and likings, so that what you receive would be tailored to your needs.

Subscription: Starting from $36

15. BlackBox

Black Box
Image Credit: BlackBox

If you are apprehensive about trying out that new moisturiser your friend has been raving about, why not try a sample of it first? Black Box is a site that allows you to pick and choose personal care products that you would like to try out and get it delivered to your doorstep. There are two sides to Black Box, Luxury and Classical. As its name suggest, on the Luxury page you can find high-end brands like Avalon or Sothys, while at Classical page you can find more common brands like Tsubaki or Hada Labo.

Subscription: Starting from $5.90 to $16.90

16. Glamabox

Image Credit: Galmabox

Galmabox delivers up to 4 to 5 sample sized, handpicked beauty products from around the world to your door step a month. What is really great about Glamabox is that, if you really do like the product they also carry the full sized product on their online store.

Subscription: $19

For Some Fun Activites

17. Batterful

Image Credit: Batterful

Always wanted to bake but just thinking of the hassle that comes along with it stops you? Well, new local start-up Batterful wants to make all your baking troubles go away by make baking fun and hassle-free. This monthly subscription box includes a new baking recipe every month and pre-measured packed ingredients, so you can start baking right away. If you are a little green in baking, there are also how-to videos on their site to guide along your baking adventure.

Subscription: $29.95 + $2.95 delivery fee

18. My Messy Box

Messy Box
Image Credit: My Messy Box

This subscription box is especially for parents who have young children stuck to the iPad and the digital world. With a different theme every month, My Messy Box is designed for pre-schoolers aged 3 to 6. It wants to encourage sensory exploration, problem solving skills and develop independence through a hands-on learning experience. Expect to receive interesting mini projects like scrap booking, model making and other types of handicraft to keep your little one interested for hours while also improving their motor skills.

Subscription: Starting from $34

With the long list of subscription boxes available in Singapore, I think it has just given me one more reason to really Netflix and chill while I wait for monthly surprises arriving at my doorstep.

What do you think? Are you sold on the idea of subscription boxes?

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