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Published 2016-02-29 12:48:39

Ever since Sony’s hacking saga and the infamous Hollywood iCloud scandal, there has been a plethora of computer science jobs and courses around the world. It’s hardly a surprise — when security is compromised, everything is at stake. Everyone has to step up their game.

Educational technology company, Coursera, has an impressive range of courses in the computer science field; ranging from computer security and networks to mobile and web development.

Even Singtel has jumped on the computing train — by offering a scholarship on network engineering and cybersecurity.

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This morning, The Straits Times reported that there will be 19 secondary schools offering programming as part of the new O-Level subject. It’s slated to begin next year, and Secondary three students will be getting the first dibs.

Computing, In-Demand

It will focus on Python (a highly sought-after programming language), data management, computer architecture and algorithm. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Bukit View Secondary School, Chung Cheng High (Yishun) and Zhonghua Secondary School are said to be amongst the schools offering the subject.

A hands-on field that requires ample time for practice, students will be tested on their ability to code a program during the GCE O-Level examinations. Word is, teacher training in computing has started and another batch of teachers are being coached right now.

This follows the Prime Minister’s call recently for the nation to focus more on technology as part of the Smart Nation initiative. During his trip to San Francisco last week, Prime Minister shared that strong engineering capabilities will be needed to drive Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

And the country is starting to foster those with interest, through the introduction of programming courses in school.

Gen Zs, you guys are a lucky bunch.

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