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Instagram is undeniably a community building tool.

Brands like Starbucks have learnt to harness the power of engaging their fanbase by using Instagram. It averages hundreds of thousands of likes from users all over the world. Its community members interact and discuss what the latest Starbucks flavours are. With figures like that, it is no wonder that companies are starting to hop on the Instagram bandwagon, with 25% of Fortune 500 companies now utilizing the platform to reach out to their followers.

Singapore’s Straits Times too recently announced their Instagram account.

On a more individual level, no one uses Instagram to build stronger and larger follower bases better than celebrities do. Superstars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, with nine and fourteen million followers respectively at last count, average anywhere between nine hundred thousand to a million likes per post. From pictures showing glimpses of what it’s like backstage to videos showing what a jet setting life feels like.

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On a more personal level, it has the capability to reinforce your personal brand. You will attract like-minded people to you. It also allows you to engage with your followers. Not only that, it also allows your followers to gain glimpses into your life and find out what you have been up to. Through it, you are able to filter through your followers to fnd those who may have similar interests. The list of benefits goes on.

As a simple experiment on Vulcan Post, I have decided to determine which sort of posts are the ones that are best received for 3 local celebrities.

Understanding which sort of posts are the most popular means understanding your appeal to your followers. It means knowing what sort of posts your fans like to see, be it glimpses of your everyday life or even just what you might be having for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Greater satisfaction and appreciation with your content allows for greater virality and exposure.

As an aspiring musician or thought leader in your respective fields, analysing your Instagram stats serves as a validation check of sorts to see what you might want to focus more on in the future. After all, gaining insights means being able to improve on your personal brand and ultimately grow a stronger and larger community of followers.

Account #1:

  • Yong Fook – Serial tech entrepreneur who take his food quests seriously, Model
  • 5  389 followers
  • 1 228 posts
  • Sample: Last 120 posts
  • Percentage of overall followers liking posts on average: 4.22%



What up, handsome. It is clear that on average, your followers like your selfies the most. Sadly, selfie posts make up only 6.7% of your posts whereas food posts, the category with the second most number of likes on average, make up more than half. Among the three instagram accounts under observation today, you also happen to be the least diverse with your posts, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by the way.

Writer’s Recommendation:

Show us more of that gorgeous Eurasian face. Keep up the good work posting all those food, oh glorious food.  Also, perhaps a little more experimentation with a wider variety of posts might enhance the user/follower experience of your followers.

Account #2:

  • Dee Kosh – Radio DJ, Youtube star
  • 20 368 followers
  • 996 posts
  • Sample size: Last 113 posts
  • Percentage of overall followers liking posts on average: 9.63%



It is clear that Shoutouts, Personal, Events and Others are the highest performing among your posts while posts categorized as Funny average the least number of likes.

This isn’t all that good news as “Funny” happens to be the one that gets posted the most. A possible hypothesis on the underperformance of your Funny posts could also be that most Funny posts are videos and your fans just do not appreciate videos all that much.

This hypothesis however, remains to be tested and proven.

You also post a large number of “Other” posts, indicating a wide variety of image content for your followers. Job well done on this I would say, as Other ranks among the top four of all the categories, so keep that up.

Writer’s Recommendation:

Cut down on those funny video clips and/or step up on those Shoutout, Personal and Events posts. The results seem to suggest that your fans like it when you do shoutouts to brands. They trust your taste in clothing and apparels. Also, your followers like it when you share pictures of your personal life like those with friends or even #throwback to the yesteryears.

Account #3:

  • Munah, Youtube star, Suria Channel celebrity
  • 24 600 followers
  • 114 posts
  • Sample size: Last 91 posts
  • Percentage of overall followers liking posts on average: 7.89%



The two winners are “Funny” posts and “Selfie” posts. The lowest performing ones are however, posts categorized as Media. It seems to suggest that people already know you are popular and they appreciate just looking at your face and also your funny videos and posts; something that is the total opposite of radio sensation Dee Kosh.

Writer’s Recommendation:

Hey gorgeous! Show us more of that pretty face. At 6.6%, 9.9% and 13.2% of your overall posts, I would recommend you to post up more Funny, Selfie and Ad posts respectively. It seems like your followers look to you for beauty tips and accessories. The distribution of types of posts is not doing justice to what your followers and fans would like to ideally see.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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