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Finally! WhatsApp Lets Us Bold, Italicise And Strikethrough Our Text Messages

I see what you did there, WhatsApp. This is probably a move to keep pace with Slack. As we always say, it’s better late than never. Today, our favourite messenger has finally added a new feature that allows its users to bold, italicise and strikethrough their text. Here’s how the whole shazam works.
Image credit: Rhiannon Williams from The Telegraph

Nuts and bolts of WhatsApp’s new feature

To italicise a word/phrase, add underscores on either sides. For example, _italics_ To bold a word/phrase, add asterisks on either side. For example, *bold* To strikethrough a word/phrase, add tildes on either sides. For example, ~tilde~ The Telegraph has reported that combine formatting is also possible. This new feature is available on version 2.12.17 on iOS and version 2.12.535 for Android.
Image credit: Rhiannon Williams from The Telegraph
WhatsApp is widely recognised as the largest messenger in the world. It has surpassed a billion users and it’s continuing to blow away the competition. This snazzy update is only a matter of time. It’s a cool feature, though, I have to admit that I still prefer Slack. Hey, WhatsApp, no hard feelings? Also read: WhatsApp Realises That Charging You Is A Bad Idea, So It Is Now Free!