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To walk for more than 15 minutes under the Malaysian sun is a nightmare for many of us. The sole act of standing is enough for any of us to sweat litres of water!. Whether you are constantly sheltered in your air-conditioned car/room or compelled to work under the sun, the humid and hot weather affects our well-being, most importantly in terms of hydration.

We have constantly been reminded to drink an adequate amount of water everyday, either via social sensitisation campaigns or via our parents’ repetitive moral lectures. In fact, my father would always complain about me not drinking enough water. And here comes the lecture on all the health issues associated with it…

How many times do we have to be told until we actually decide to be more self-conscious about our water intake? How many times more will I have to be stuck in bed for being severely dehydrated because of a silly negligence?

plant nanny 10

Enough of this. Thanks to technology, this new and very cute app has been developed to motivate all of us to drink enough water. It’s called Plant Nanny.

Plant Nanny is based on a simple concept. You are given a seed to plant and your task is to take care of it until it fully grows. The amount of water that the plant needs equals to the amount of water you need to drink.

plantnanny (1)

Therefore, you water the plant as you drink. There are different types of drinking cups, from 200ml to however much you are able to drink. The growth of each plant is measured in levels, and once one reaches level 4, it is ready to be placed in your garden, where it will produce seeds, which you can use to buy decorative pots and much more.


Besides that, they have a variety of cute species of plants to choose from. The best part is all of them can be downloaded for free.

The app does take your weight into consideration, from which it calculates how much water your body would need on a daily basis. Once this set up is complete, you are good to go!

plantnanny2 (1)

While Plant Nanny shows you the approximate number of cups you have left to drink for the day, I was surprised that it also warns you if you drink too much for a day or too many cups all at once.

Moderation is the key, even when it concerns water.

I have personally not dared it, but if you forget to water your plant, it shrinks and takes on a sad heartbreaking face. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

I also would like to point out that this app’s functioning depends on our own input and therefore demands some degree of commitment to it, and it is so easy to cheat on our water intake, however being honest to ourselves (and to our apps, in today’s digital era) is the first step towards a more efficient lifestyle.

With that said, let’s become Supernannies for our plants, for our health!

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