3 Malaysian Friends Shared Their Joie De Vivre, By Opening A Space Just For That

What’s in a name? It is often times the first bit of information we would share with others and it can make a lasting impression on them, whether good or bad. Be it naming a child, company or café, its moniker plays a big role in shaping one’s perception of it.

When the name of a new café located in SS13, Subang Jaya, leaves ones lips, you might just see it curve into a smile. It is a name which the team behind it calls “an expression of good vibes and immense joy”. For the labour of love that they pour into it, and the time spent, it sure is an entity which they can celebrate.


What’s unique about the place is that the ones behind it can continually celebrate their labour of love, for it was designed to be able to be just that—a place where one can come and celebrate the loves of their life, and even life itself. “Whup whup!” one might say as a cause for celebration—and that, is exactly what the café is called.

More Than Just Food


At WhupWhup, they pay focus to 2 things: coffee and French cuisine. For those who are looking to sample some French meals without wanting to shell out an exorbitant amount from their not-so-heavy wallets, they can do so at WhupWhup where meals like Duck 3 Ways, Lamb Shank and Beef Bourguignon are staples on the menu, without forgetting coffee, which is their other main specialty.

whupwhup 3

Being a community-centric venture, the aim is for WhupWhup to be a platform for creative collaborations to happen. The team shared with Vulcan Post, “Our hope is that WhupWhup will be recognised not just for a restaurant, but as an event space as well where events of any kind are possible, be it concerts, comedy nights, product launches or more,” the team said.

In addition to the café area, WhupWhup extends their space to accommodate HollyWhup, which is a mini stage for functions including weddings and fashion shows. Within the area, there is also a retail space called the Yarn Yard, whereby vendors can come in and display their goods for a pre-discussed time period.

Upstairs, there is more—nicknamed ‘Atas’ which literally translates to ‘upstairs’, the space is ideal for small-scale functions as well. Clearly, everything had been well thought out by the team.

A Labour Of Love

WhupWhup before furnishing.

Clearly the founders are an enthusiastic bunch who enjoy injecting a little bit of celebration into everything they touch. They turned the place which once housed greasy machines and dirt-covered floors, to the space that it is today. In fact, it is more than just a place to fill tummies, it has become a place to fill souls.


Hence, it is no surprise that the place is the brainchild of 3 Malaysians with a vast network of experience behind them. Sim Pojoo, Levi Asher and Tan Chun Liang, pit their skills together to put to fruition what they had conjured up within the inner recesses of their minds.


Pojoo lends her 7 year experience in arts education, and besides teaching part-time as an art and design teacher at HELP International School, lent her brainpower to create WhupWhup. She does this alongside Levi Asher, who is the head barista at the café and was once the former senior trainer at Barista Guild Asia. Rounding up the trio is Liang, who has experience as an artist, emceeing and radio DJ-ing.

To Liang, both performing arts and culinary arts have creative elements in them and that’s where his passion and joy lies. He believes that if that passion is what brings you on stage, it’s that same passion that sustains you through a 16-hour day in the kitchen.

Celebrating Other Peoples’ Lives

Image Credit: WhupWhup
Image Credit: WhupWhup

Opened since December 12, WhupWhup has seen thousands of guests walk in. Patrons range from casual diners to companies who book out the space for their corporate events.

A mix and diverse group of people, everyone is treated like a VIP at WhupWhup, and rightfully so. The team conveyed, “We’ve celebrated birthdays from a one-month old to another 80-year-old. Our amazing service crew are pretty awesome with the birthday song by now!”

As they celebrate the lives of others, they are not stopping anytime soon. In fact, phase 2 for the space is about to begin, with plans for an art studio, art installations and spaces for workshops. As the saying goes, “the only way to go is up”, and up is exactly where the team are headed for, with good vibes and immense joy.

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