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Since everyone is familiar with what happened, we’ll just jump right straight in.

1. The Internet always turns hilarious photos into great memes



Whether it be unglam or poorly edited photos of your once-in-a-lifetime event, sharing any photos to the internet at large through social media invites a slew of creative interpretations of your photos.

2. Knee-jerk reactions on social media are only a disservice to yourself


If you ever felt a sense of guilt or injustice towards a social media post that somewhat refers to yourself, but have not yet been exposed, don’t pao tou yourself lah. Although you might want to present yourself in a better light online, it is better to remain quiet unless it is absolutely necessary to defend yourself publicly.

That, and have a sense of humour when your mistakes are made fun of!

3. Great stories with great humour make for great social media content


Ever had a hilarious story? Ever had ridiculous photos? Ever had both? Well, Jacyln’s social media post was a perfect blend of humour and enough context to make every photo an effective punch-line, as if Jacyln herself were showing you the photos. Everyone has a story to tell, and casual, light-hearted stories are the best and most sharable.

4. Be the better person, and apologize first

Owning up to something over social media is consistently seen as responsible behaviour, and trying to cover it up or defend yourself just gives people more reason to bash you online. Just don’t be a smart alec and make jokes when your professional integrity is on the line, it only makes things worse.

A simply apology will do, but showing what remedial action will be taken is a 50/50 bet in making the overall situation better or worse depending on how suitable it is.

5. When life gives you lemons…


Making a post on it will probably help! Whether it be heartfelt messages, similar stories to laugh about or additional punchlines, your story will always find your way back to you somehow. For Jaclyn, it was in the form of a free photoshoot with Multifolds Photography in conjunction with 987FM’s Happy Ending.

This article is written by Chen Yiji / Freakofnatur.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)