Still reeling from withdrawal symptoms of The Force Awakens and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ? #MAYTHE4THSG

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Published 2016-04-29 18:09:27

Still reeling from withdrawal symptoms of The Force Awakens and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? May the 4th be with you on Star Wars Day! Unfortunately, it falls on a Wednesday but fret not, Star Wars Day Singapore 2016 will instead be held this weekend, from 30th April to 1st May.


For the uninitiated, May 4th was chosen by fans of the series to commemorate Star Wars Day due to its similarity to the famous line ‘May The Force Be With You’. Though not officially declared or started by Lucasfilm themselves, it’s been accepted by all as a day to celebrate all things Star Wars, all over the world.

Kallang Wave Mall and #MAYTHE4THSG are coming together to bring you the event. To be held at OCBC Square, at the Singapore Sports Hub, the 2-day event will appeal to fans, collectors and families so no one will feel left out. Best thing is, admission is free.
Geek out at showcases from all the Star Wars Movies, from the original trilogy, right up to The Force Awakens. Also, be greeted by screen-accurate costumes from the Star Wars universe, made possible by the 501st Legion, as well as Rebel Outpost.
So what can fans expect to see during the event?

1. Toy Displays

Star Wars Day 2015, Source: geekculture.co
Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: geekculture.co

Be in awe of the largest public display of Star Wars toys and collectibles in Southeast Asia. This was made possible through the collaborative effort of the volunteers. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe the $100,000 worth of vintage action figures and vehicles would. Lastly, for something you can actually buy for your kids, there are the latest action figures from the series, 1/6th scale models, and prototypes of future products.

2. Star Wars Themed Artworks For Charity

Source: @bandofdoodlers Instagram
Image Credit: @bandofdoodlers Instagram

The wonderful artists over at the Band of Doodlers have put up via silent auction, 4 large scale canvas artworks, to be sold to the highest bidder, during the event. For everyone else, the white space bandits have made available custom designed canvases for sale. All proceeds will go to charity.

3. Appearances By Your Favourite Characters In Costume

Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: 501st Singapore Garrison
Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: 501st Singapore Garrison

A Star Wars event will not be complete without the presence of the 501st Legion. Along with the Rebel Legion and Cathar Outpost (Singapore), they will be parading down during the event’s opening ceremony. There will also be photo opportunities with your favourite heroes and villains. Lookout for their Blast-A-Trooper game to play, where they will be raising funds for charity.

4. Lightsaber Performance and Workshop

Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: FightSaber
Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: FightSaber

Southeast Asia’s premier Lightsaber fight choreography team, Fightsaber, will be holding performances up on stage. Let your kids unleash their inner Jedi at the ‘Fight Like A Jedi’ workshop, to learn the basic skills to wield Lightsabers. Be sure to take photo with the crew before you leave too.

5. 1 May – Star Wars Kids Fashion Parade

Image Credit: bossini
Image Credit: bossini

If your child is the age of 12 or younger, dress them up in any Star Wars themed costumes and sign them up for the Galactic Runway. The event is both a contest and a parade, with attractive prizes for the participants.

6. Star Wars Model Kit Introduction Workshop

Image Credit: PsyfoolRulez Customz Facebook
Image Credit: PsyfoolRulez Customz Facebook

Psyfool Customs will be in tow to give you tips to build that Bandai X-Wing model kit that you’re afraid to start on. Learn techniques to assemble and paint from the man himself during his workshop sessions. As spaces are limited, make sure you sign up early. It will be an introductory workshop and all materials will be provided.
Also, if you’re feeling inspired after the workshop, check out the model gallery by Bandai too featuring the latest Star Wars model kits.

7. Fan Art Gallery

Star Wars Day 2015 Image Credit: geekculture.co
Star Wars Day 2015 Image Credit: geekculture.co

Bask in the graphics from the gallery of Star Wars fan art by our local artists. There will be everything from photographs, digital art, custom model kits, sketches and more.

8. Live Artist Caricatures

Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: Huney'z World
Star Wars Day 2015, Image Credit: Huney’z World

Sketch artist Josharn Lee is back again and will be on hand to draw yourself as Star Wars themed caricatures.

Ever wondered what you’ll look like as Master Yoda?

9. Collectibles Bazaar

Annex A
This is the place to be, to purchase licensed merchandise, collectibles and various fan art by the local artists participating in the event. Get some free stuff too if you spend a minimum amount at Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Stadium and Water Sports Centre. A photo booth express pass when you spend at least $60 and a BB-8 umbrella when you spend $120.
As with previous Star Wars Days, part of the sales will be donated to charity, with the Children’s Aid Society being this year’s beneficiary.

10. The Force Awakens Panel By Lucasfilm

Image Credit: Lucasfilm Singapore
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Singapore

Get to meet the Singaporean crew from Lucasfilm who were actually involved in the making of the movie. They will form a presentation panel at the event will share about their experiences during the production of the film, as they shine the spotlight on how they contributed to its success.


Definitely, something to look forward to this long Labour Day weekend. Do check out the schedule before heading down, so that you do not miss anything of interest for you or your family.




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