Thanks to this one developer who did us all a favour by creating a free automatic template.

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Published 2016-05-04 11:00:24

What can we buy with RM15,ooo? We could certainly do quite a fair bit with that amount, be it splurging on new outfits or buying a plane ticket halfway across the world. Hence, it was a bit of a letdown when the new KL City logo which was worth that much, turned out to be not as exciting as Malaysians would have certainly hoped for it to be.


We have plenty of talent who could have done a lot better. And worse of all, this particular template could have been done for absolutely free!

Programmers and coders have a special skill of turning ideas and concepts to actual applications and one software developer took it upon herself to let everyone have their very own “RM15k” logo—for free! Jellene, a software developer at Touristly, took about 8 hours to create the site.

“It was meant to be a ridiculous website for fun and to practice on my programming skills. I never really intended it to be shared so widely, it is after all a parody site,” she told Vulcan Post.

Seeing the humour in it, some local startups decided put that website to full use by creating a logo for their own startup, after all, who wouldn’t want a logo that’s worth RM15k, right?

All in the name of fun, and seeing since Vulcan Post is supportive of the local startup community, we decided to compile a list of some startups who tried their hand at creating their own “RM15k” logo.

1. Instaweb

Instaweb is a local web design agency that helps create websites for other entities. Their aim is to help grow the number of entrepreneurs in Malaysia and its neighbouring countries through their venture.

Image Credit: Instaweb

2. Kakitangan.com

Kakitangan.com provides a solution to the Malaysian HR system by being an online leave application platform for local employees.

Image Credit: Kakitangan.com


iDIVHER is a news and media portal which is dedicated to Malaysia and Asia’s watersports news.

Image Credit: iDIVHER


UNIMUF is a local campus car-sharing platform.

Image Credit: UMINUF.com

5. ServisHero

ServisHero is a portal which simplifies the process of hiring local services for our homes and offices and it allows users to search up the quotes from service providers.

Image Credit: ServisHero

6. Bumbung.co

Bumbung.co is an online platform that connects clients who wish to rent or buy a place in Malaysia, to qualified agents who has properties that best fits the clients’ requests.

Image Credit: Bumbung.co

7. Fundeavour

Fundeavour is a Malaysian startup which helps the community learn how to be a better competitive gamer, YouTuber or livestreamer.

Image Credit: Fundeavour

8. Touristly

Touristly is a platform that helps those with wanderlust create their itineraries across places in the Asia Pacific region.

Image Credit: Touristly

9. EnParty

EnParty is a fruit and gelato ice cream delivery platform which brings the goods right up to your home or office doorstep.

Image Credit: EnParty.com

10. Summersault Activewear

Summersault Activewear is a local fitness fashion label that provides fashionable activewear at accessible prices.

Image Credit: Summersault Activewear

With just a few clicks, you get a free “RM15k” logo of your own. Yay to free branding and marketing! To make your very own “RM15k” logo, head on to this website.

Or if you want something that looks more legit, perhaps you should consider hiring one of these graphic designers instead.

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