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Published 2016-05-04 16:33:38

The most talked about logo in Malaysia is now in the form of a video, and just like its inanimate counterpart, there is much to talk about the newly released minute-long YouTube video. Released yesterday, it has already drawn more than dislikes as opposed to likes, and that pretty much sums up how everyone feels about it.

Perhaps the reason it is as such is because the video is really an anti-climatic experience. After all, it is basically 60+ seconds showing tin slabs slowly being chipped away to reveal the words “Kuala Lumpur”.

The video was released by Visit KL Official and the creators described that the video, which is a brand identity for Kuala Lumpur, was constructed specially to link it to the heritage of the city which was founded and grew as a result of the tin mining industry.

They stated, “The city evolved as a major tin trading centre as the tin mining industry grew in the surrounding areas. Hence the logical direction for the brand design approach is to link it to tin and the tin mining industry—KL’s heritage.”

The city of Kuala Lumpur is definitely far more vibrant, exciting and fun than the video lets on. YouTube user Mohd Suhail Ibrahim commented, “I think your YouTube logo even far more attractive than your new logo… nothing improve at all (the motto and the logo, doesn’t suit at all).”

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

It is true that the design approach makes sense. However, what it excels in its thought process, it lacks in execution. The concept of something being chipped away to reveal a new thing is a fresh one and the creators of the video could have gone to town with it, but instead, the same dull gray colours are used throughout the video. It certainly does not do much to show what the city of KL stands for.

As YouTube user Danny Chan puts it, “Should be promoting the city but why I feel like it’s showing a dead city with creepy background music? It’s not a zombie movie title lol”.

Have a watch below, and let us know in the Facebook comments what you think about the video:

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