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One of the key elements of employee retention is providing great employee benefits (or what companies would call ‘perks’). Times have changed and it’s not the old days where throwing cash at an employee’s face would keep him/her dutifully working. Demands have now evolved to be beyond just cash value. People now look for things that put a little bit of ease to their working lives, as well as give it meaning and some form of personal value.

Here are 7 awesome Malaysian companies that change it up a bit and give something back to their hardworking employees.

1. KFit

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

KFIT is a fitness mobile app that allows users to enjoy a range of fitness classes, studios and well-being activities; and it is only expected that KFIT would enable their employees to enjoy the same benefits paid for by the company. Fitness classes, gym, beauty and spa sessions are all covered.

The workspace is designed with a focus on fitness, and is equipped with a basketball court, Ping-Pong tables (for impromptu tournaments), poles for practicing core movements and dancing, punching bags to get that testosterone moving and stress release, and yoga mats for stretching and group yoga sessions with co-workers.

A healthy body houses a healthy mind!

2. 123RF

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

Stock image provider 123RF doesn’t just bring great looking images; they also provide great meals for their employees! Employees of 123RF get to enjoy free meals provided by their in-house chefs! Employees can just order their meals through a mobile app with a 4-menu selection a day ranging from local to western fair.

Another benefit employees enjoy is that their annual leave will increase by 2 days each year (base starting annual leave is 14 days). So grow with 123RF and you can be entitled to almost a month of annual leave at your disposal!

Talent acquisition is also a priority and employees are able to refer other talented individuals to work at 123RF, where they could earn up to RM1500 per candidate that they have referred.

3. Digi

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

A first of its kind in Malaysia, telecommunications service provider Digi offers a fully paid 6-month maternity leave for their female Digizens. With a population of 45% women in the company, Digi wants to ensure that they are a place where women can build their careers and also play a key role in their growing families as well. A delicate balance it is and with this maternity leave policy instated, it will make Digi a very attractive workplace for ambitious working mothers.

Aside from this awesome benefit for current employees, Digi is also giving a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Malaysian graduates who can’t wait to work at a company’s top level! Known as the CxO Apprentice program, Digi will be selecting 8 talented fresh grads to be paired with C-suite management personnel and learn from them over a span of a year, ultimately ending with a job position at Digi.

4. Piktochart

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

Tech startup and infographic developer Piktochart allows their employees to get away from their office desks and work from home on Fridays. They believe that this will allow their employees to gain a sense of work-life balance, an appetizer into the weekend as they slowly unwind from all the work from the week, and also to give them a change of environment (which can help stir creativity and get work done faster).

If that doesn’t sound good too for fresh employees, Piktochart also gives a one-off RM1000 as a welcome gift for new employees when they join the Piktochart family, as well as a new Apple Macbook Pro to work with.

5. Soft Space

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

Tech company Soft Space believes that keeping up with the times is a must in the tech sphere, and with this they make sure that their employees receive upgrades of all the coolest tech gears to keep on trend; ranging from the latest Apple Macbook Pro or the iMac, to the newest iOS, Android or Windows based mobile devices.

If free gear is something tantalising enough, Soft Space doesn’t just stop there. They also offer employees an ‘unlimited holiday’. Meaning they could just take off from work whenever they need to without hurting any annual leave (because they don’t count annual leaves). This will instill a responsible attitude and time management through such great flexibility given.

6. Twenty3

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

Fashion E-commerce site Twenty3 trusts that if they invest in people’s dreams, it will in turn benefit the company as a whole. Twenty3 doesn’t believe in just a job or career at their company; they help and push their employees to achieve greater personal development.

Twenty3 will help nurture their in-house budding artistes, designers, and business management individuals by sending them on overseas trips, training sessions, or fashion expos – all paid by the company. This benefit is simply made to help them broaden their perspectives, minds, keep them alongside the fast changing trends in the fashion industry, and grow as individuals.

7. ServisHero

Image Credit: Wobb
Image Credit: Wobb

ServisHero is a mobile application platform that helps connect people to different kinds of services like plumbing, electrical appliance installation, wedding planning, anything for that matter.

ServisHero provides their ‘heroes’ (employees) an ‘unlimited holiday’ policy where they are able to be free to take off from work whenever they want. Even heroes need rest days to recharge and unwind too ay? They believe this is the best way to keep their heroes happy, energised, and ready to save the day!

This article was originally written by Joshua Boey with the title “7 Malaysian Companies With Awesome Perks” and was first published on Wobb, a job application platform for millennials who value the importance of good working culture. 

Feature image credit: Wobb

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