Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (Literally) With An Alarm Clock That Makes Your Morning Cuppa

Waking up early is one of the most difficult tasks of the day, especially when you’re lacking that extra boost to wake you; and let’s admit, no one likes being woken up by the piercing ring of an alarm. However, this product gives off a different alarm that could make waking up in the mornings that much more bearable.

UK based industrial designer, Joshua Renouf, put a new spin on the traditional alarm clock with his invention called the “Barisieur”: a coffee-making alarm clock that will ease your transition out of slumber through the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

How Does It Work?

The device is quite simple: at night you pre-load it with the necessary coffee components (water, coffee grounds, sugar, and milk), put your cup in place, and set an alarm. Now instead of just a cold, shrill alarm interrupting your beauty sleep, you’d be woken up the natural way, with the sound of bubbling water and the lovely smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Stainless steel balls help boil water in a flask through induction heating, which also keeps the surface of the coffee maker cool, making for a safe and easy to use product (you wouldn’t want to accidentally burn your fingers first thing in the morning).

The trays that keep the milk and sugar are cooled throughout the night are then lifted through vessels and are ready to be poured in the morning, so in just seconds, you have a cup of the freshest of coffees (did I mention this device also makes tea?).

What Makes It Different?

Besides the fact that it makes coffee for you on your bedside table? Another unique attribute of this device is that it enables and stimulates all five senses, allowing you to wake up in a stress-free and natural manner: hearing the water boiling, smelling the fresh aroma of coffee, seeing the coffee being made in front of you, touching the warm cup to then finally tasting the coffee (or tea) that you’ve been pleasantly woken up by. You can also charge your phone from the USB port located in the base.

The motto of “Living slow even when times are fast” embodies the healthier, more natural way of waking up.

The machine is also not built to hold enough ingredients to make a week’s worth of coffee; and this is fully intentional. Renouf’s reasoning is that the need to refill the containers encourages its users to develop a routine before bedtime, which is said to be beneficial in regulating sleep patterns.

Some Problems We Foresee Brewing

Although this product may seem perfect, living in as fast-paced a time as we do now, those of us who are used to tend to lunge blindly at our alarm clocks (or phones) as soon as they ring may want to start off by keeping the Barisieur a little over arms reach away.

Durability, and the potential lack of places to fix your coffee alarm are also problems we foresee.

Sold? Fund It On Kickstarter!

Unfortunately, the device is still miles away from full completion (with an estimated delivery date of June 2017), but it’s still closer than ever. At a price at around $387, you still have 24 days to pre-order it via Kickstarter.

The team hopes to raise $555,000 to take the Barisieur from prototype to market, so if you literally want to wake up to smell the coffee, this is probably the new project to support.

Say goodbye to the days where you have to drowsily shuffle down to the kitchen to half-consciously brew a cup of coffee – now the coffee will come to you.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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