A good use of human resources technology will see an overall engagement with the employees when compared to before its implementation

Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2016-05-29 22:57:30

Technology as a whole has taken us new places we could have never imagined. Workaway is not just possible nowadays, it is a fast moving trend that sees people working outside of the office with greater flexibility and options. Bring your own device policies allow greater satisfaction among employees since they are given more choices about what hardware to use, which is a big deal, especially for tech companies where workers might have a strong preference one way or another.

While these improvements in tech have undeniably changed the face of many an industry in terms of how employees work, one major player in driving workplace culture, improving efficiency and satisfaction among the company’s employees, is human resources and the technology that powers it to do an impactful job. A good use of human resources technology will see an overall engagement with the employees when compared to before its implementation.

So how does a company go about maximising the uses of the emerging technology that is available for human resources purposes? Certainly, software that tracks and mines data has changed the field thanks to the sheer scope of data that is now accessible when managing the talent at a company. But the tech is only as useful if it is used in smart ways. Without further ado, let’s take a look at ways a company can perfect the use of human resources technology.

The Software behind the Technology

The programs that enable companies that are hiring to see where talent is coming from, and keep track of all the data involved with the whole hiring process, allows human resources people to not focus on the minutia and instead look at organising other, more pressing recruiting matters. Applicant Tracking Software has now become a staple, along with Human Resources Information Systems, which allows the quotidian tasks to be automated and consolidated in a time-saving way.

Meanwhile, Data Analysis Software is what brute forces all the new data that is possible to gather thanks to great increases in memory, computational power, and record retrieval ability. For example, it would allow UK casinos companies check their competitors in sites like newcasinosonline.co and then offer the most attractive options to their customers. The ability to sort through big data analytics is a godsend to analysts; as such an invaluable asset, they are able to sort through complex patterns in order to put forth the best candidates to lead the company going forward.

The Emotional Quotient Aspect, also known as People Skills

This part is simply irreplaceable, and has less to do with evolving technology as it does knowing how to use it in face to face scenarios. Simply put, no computer can do the work it takes to communicate well with the sort of intuition that only homo sapiens possess. Likewise, until artificial intelligence reaches a sufficient zenith, certainly at a point past the singularity, no computer is going to be able to use the data that is crunched to come up with a big picture model, or at least know what to do with it. It is this type of long-term thinking that is absolutely essential as it allows human resources people to properly navigate opportunities as they arise. Knowing how to motivate the correct people and preparing them for structural change within the company, both long and short term, is something that human resources people will be doing for the foreseeable future, not the software.

Moving Forward with Smart Resource Allocation

In spite of the strides in human resources technology and the potential that is possible from that, three out of ten human resources employees report that they are achieving their goals despite citing interest in improving efficiency and productivity. Automated career development analysis is a wonderful tool, but continuing education through human resources books and courses as to how to take advantage of these resources is still necessary.

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