Not A Scam: For Every Share Of This Video, RecomN.com Pledges RM1 To A Children’s Shelter

When we are requested to donate a sum of money to help the needy, we would often find ourselves in a predicament whereby the heart is willing but the wallet might not be as easy to sway. One Malaysian startup hopes to lessen that heartache by pledging the sum for us.

RecomN.com, a portal which allows one to look for recommended service providers, is partnering with local NGO, SHELTER Home For Children to pledge RM1 for every share of their video on Facebook.

In the Facebook video, Jes Min of RecomN.com, and Cheok from SHELTER Home shared, “Every year, 4000 children in Malaysia are in need of care and protection from abuse, abandonment and neglect. And for the last 35 years, SHELTER has been providing these at risk children with a safe and nurturing environment.” Their aim is to raise a total amount of RM10,000 by Parent’s Day on July 24.

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Being parents themselves, both Jes Min and Cheok wish to create more awareness towards SHELTER and aid them in helping the underprivileged children, which the NGO has been doing for the past 35 years.

They captioned the Facebook post saying, “We were shocked and horrified to hear about the recent case of Richard Huckle’s sexual abuse of children in KL. Sadly, there exists many more at-risk children in Malaysia. In 2013, it was reported that over 4,000 children are at risk from physical, emotional, as well as sexual abuse.”

As such, SHELTER Home wishes to do their part in protecting the voices of tomorrow. With this, they require funds to maintain the operations, such as food and required supplies. They also need the money for the general upkeep of the branches whereby such expenses can total up to more than RM100,000 a month. The video below which was posted yesterday afternoon has since seen 200+ shares. If anything, it’s an easy way for Malaysians to do their “good deed for the day”.

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