Sunway Pyramid partnered with Seeties, and resulted in over 20k deals booked online in 2 weeks.

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Published 2016-06-10 11:58:46

Malaysians are known to be lovers of deals, no—all human beings are lovers of deals. When an app promises you that, it is that click bait statement which prompts one to opt to download it and give it a go.

Seeties, an app that allows users to search and collect deal vouchers in Klang Valley, is designed for the modern-day urbanite. Seeties offers an online to offline experience (O2O) to their users by working with both local and international retail brands via their brick-and-mortar stores.

Recently, Seeties partnered with Sunway Pyramid to bring the deals brought by the malls’ merchants to their users. Focusing on helping users to discover places to “Eat, Play, Hangout”, Seeties now brings you more than 100 deals offered by Sunway Pyramid’s merchants covering food, shopping and entertainment experiences. The way it works is that one need only scroll through the deals, choose a preferred one and swipe to redeem.

This partnership proved to be a success, bringing in more than 20,000 deals that were booked in just a span of 2 weeks. This meant that every single day, an average of 1400 deals were booked through their app.

Image Credit: Seeties
Image Credit: Seeties

Perhaps one factor to their success was that the app was user friendly and its ease of use encouraged users to scour it daily for the latest deals. The app features a ‘Deals of the Day’ segment to simplify the process and they highlight the best bargains redeemable on that specific day.

It is also easily personalised to only show deals based on the users’ preferences as well. Payments can then be made upon voucher redemption at the store, rather than paying by card beforehand.

Growth Hacking ‘Like A Boss’

Image Credit: Seeties

Seeties’ achievement in half a month proves that there is a demand for such apps in Malaysia and their decision to partner with a shopping mall had been a wise move from the team’s end. David Lim, founder of Seeties told Vulcan Post that the reason they did it was because, “People love going to shopping malls, but the problem is it’s so difficult to find what you want due to the size of the mall.”

It’s true that sometimes one might wander aimlessly around a mall and wind up with nothing in hand by the end of the day. Noting this, the team narrowed down their choice of malls in order to solve the pending problem which they saw. They also realised that 96% of people in the top 6 ASEAN GDP countries have no credit card, and yet the smartphone user rate is increasing tremendously from 22% to 38% by the year of 2018.

As such, the natural way to solve it was to combine both problems together and solve them at one go. Their aim was to empower students and young professionals to gain easy accessibility to using a deals app, and Sunway Pyramid was a natural choice, as the mall is in close proximity to many universities and colleges. David said, “We want to create a great online to offline experience that’s right for the ASEAN environment by optimising accessibility to enjoy deals.

Image Credit: Seeties
Image Credit: Seeties

According to the President of Malaysia Retail Chain Association, Dato’ Garry Chua, who was also the guest of honor in officiating the collaboration launch between Sunway Pyramid and Seeties, he stated that Seeties is very easy to use and provides great Online to Offline (O2O) experiences to both smartphone users and retailers in Malaysia.

Keep It Simple And Stupid

Image Credit: Seeties
Image Credit: Seeties

During the initial stages of the app coming to life, Seeties embraced the complications that they faced and overcame it by sticking to the KISS principle—keep it simple and stupid. “Complications and mistakes are never ending especially in a diverse ASEAN environment! In the end, we stick to KISS. Keep it simple and stupid. It helps to get rid of unnecessary distractions and to focus on things that truly matter,” David shared.

They remain humble despite their exponential growth recently, as in their opinion, they state that they’re still not doing very well just yet. “We’re a very young startup and there is still lots to learn. But one thing that truly pulls the team together would be the mission of Seeties, that’s to make city life easier, and to bring joy to millions!” they said.

They note that deals is only the first phase for Seeties to assimilate into the lives of Malaysians. “We’re working towards building a city life ecosystem, an ecosystem that will help you organise your city life for you.” Now that they have targeted Sunway Pyramid as their first mall, their next aim is to take on the whole of ASEAN and find a way to make the lives of millions of tech-savvy millennials just that bit easier.

If you’re curious to give it a go, download the Seeties app from the Google Playstore or App store and key in the promo code <SUNWAY50> in the app to enjoy the experience.

Image Credit: Seeties
Image Credit: Seeties


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