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(Update: Fave has just beta launched a chat function within the app. This article was updated to reflect the changes.)

On the 14th of July, we noticed a new app on the Play Store launched by KFIT. We were intrigued, so we decided to look it up and explore what it did.

At the end of it, we were left with more questions, so we reached out to one of KFIT’s founders but were told that they weren’t ready to talk about it yet.

It’s possible that they’re still waiting on the Apple App Store launch before kicking up their publicity, but here’s what we think of the new app so far, after downloading it and trying it out for a few days.

(Update: Fave is also now available on the Apple App Store.)

What Is Fave?

Image Credit: Fave
Image Credit: Fave

According to the website and our exploration of the app, Fave is meant to help book places for food and activities at special rates. Their three main categories are Eat, Pamper and Fit. Eat helps to source nearby restaurants with offers, Pamper ranges from spas, to hair services to slimming, and Fit covers all sorts of activities.

It’s pretty straightforward and fairly easy to navigate, and you can sort the lists by distance, trending or price.

Why Fave?

Image Credit: Fave
Image Credit: Fave

Perhaps we’ll have these answers once KFIT is ready to talk about it, but there are two things we’ve noticed about Fave and we really do want to know why.

1. Why start yet another similar app, when they already have the KFIT platform?

The KFIT app already has over 100,000 downloads on the Play Store and it’s clear that there are many active users and fans. Why didn’t they utilise this fanbase and simply incorporate the food element into KFIT? It wouldn’t be too difficult to find healthier restaurants and alternatives that would fit KFIT’s image. Both the Pamper and Fit elements are already in the KFIT app, so why launch what looks like a repeat, with Fave?

Trying to combine all three does look like a good idea, as there aren’t many apps that have so many categories all in one place. However, why make a whole new app when this idea could have just been merged into the original KFIT app?

2. Why include the fitness element in Fave then, if it’s more about food and activities?

Again, it seems counter-intuitive to throw in what looks like a competitor to KFIT. Since Fave is branding itself as an app that can offer deals, wouldn’t that make it more attractive compared to KFIT? Why did they set it up so it looks as if they’re competing with themselves?

Fave apparently has a social element where you’re meant to plan things to do with your friends, but as far as we can tell, that is basically just buying more than one slot in a certain activity (e.g. you buy three pedicures for yourself and your friends, and all go together).

We haven’t seen the social side of it yet, unless that is still in development and yet to come. This would make it different from KFIT, but right now, it isn’t obvious or in use.

(Update: With the new chat function, the social aspect becomes a bit clearer. You’re able to see other friends who also have Fave installed, and you’re able to recommend certain packages or deals to them and invite them to go out with you. Is it worth installing yet another app in your phone for? I’m still not convinced.)


What do you think? Would you use Fave? Or will you just stick to KFIT?

Feature Image Credit: Fave

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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