Must-Haves That Diehard Trainers Need To Own Before Pokemon GO Lands in Singapore!

Since the launch of Pokemon Go on July 6th, Singaporeans fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the game.

Although the game has yet to reach our shores, some entrepreneurial Singaporeans have already started selling awesome Pokemon-related merchandise to ride the Pokemon Go craze.

Here’s a list of all the items we found that were the most creative and eye-catching!

1) Apparel

When something new comes out, you can be certain that shirts for that will be just around the corner. Although shirts aren’t as creative as other things on the list, here are some designs that look great and are affordable:

Kyix-design was set up specifically to sell community-design Pokemon Go shirts, and we simply love people who set up shop just to capitalise on a trend. We hope that they will continue to provide great designs!

Here’s a nice set of gold-plated, hard enamel team pins as well:

Image Credit: Forebidden E-store
Image Credit: Forbidden E-store

But they’re from a Bruneian e-retailer, so a pin costs $12 ($8 + $4 postage). However, they currently have a lucky draw promotion which sells the 3 pins in a set for SGD22 (including postage). You can also order additional pins to be shipped in the same parcel as well!

Missing Items: Caps, Shoes, Socks, Water Bottles

Caps are also another essential item to have if you’re walking around in the sun the whole day, and we also recommend you get some SPF 50+ sunscreen if you’re not much of an outdoor person. All caps we found online were on a pre-order basis, so we didn’t list them here.

Walking shoes are an absolute must-have. Don’t try to buy those fancy-design sneakers, they’ll make your feet sore. The first person who caught them all (at least in his country) had to walk 153 km to do it, so investing in a good pair of walking shoes is a must.

Walking shoes aside, a pair of non-cotton, breathable socks would be awesome to keep your feet cushioned and dry. As a regular jogger myself, a nice cheap pair of socks would come from any sporting goods store or just ask your local shoe shop!

Lastly, you’ll need a water bottle. Although it’s the rainy reason now, walking around is going to make you thirsty, even if you stick to air-conditioned areas. If you feel dizzy or nauseous after playing Pokemon Go for a few hours, it’s probably because you’re dehydrated. Trust me, I’m a gamer.

2) Phone Tools

If you’ve seen the cool Pokeball charger on etsy, there’s a local, upgraded version right on Shopee. (hey, that rhymed.) Anyway, this version looks at twice as cool, and runs with a 10k MAH battery. Here’s how it looks like:

pokeball charger
Image Credit: jetrading

On the note of batteries, it might seem cool to grab one of those solar mobile batteries, but to date, I haven’t seen a reliable model in Singapore.

Most local solar batteries just have a solar panel slapped on top of it for “emergency charging” when the portable battery runs out, unlike American models which use solar power to charge the portable battery. 

Missing Items: Covered Phone Mounts, Waterproof Casing

If you’re going roam around in Singapore’s urban jungle, you’ll find that there are drains everywhere. With the rainy season, those drains are bound to have water running through them or otherwise.

I’ve also seen many a youtube video of people dropping their phones into water bodies trying to catch Pokemon, so a case that makes your phone waterproof will definitely not go amiss.

That brings me to phone mounts. Imagine travelling on bicycle with your Pokemon Go as your GPS radar. Much easier to go with both hands free and your phone on a mount, right?

All phone mounts currently do not block the sun from the screen, making it hard to see and it would be great if someone designed one that did. For the record, anti-glare screen protectors just make using the phone feel funny.

3) Key Chains

Want to show your allegiance but don’t want to wear it on your chest? Just get a nice keychain! Great ones are hard to find though, as people have already flooded the market with keychain designs. Here are a few we found nice:

Image Credit: shoppu on Carousell
Image Credit: shoppu on Carousell

Priced at $15.90, the shoppu keychains look awesome, but are the most pricey that we’ve found. Here’s a cheaper alternative:

Image Credit: Team PGNES Facebook
Image Credit: Team PGNES Facebook

Created by a local pokemon fan page, these plastic keychains are priced somewhat at a premium at $8 per keychain. Looking overseas, however, these vinyl keychains look pretty awesome:

Image Credit: A New Hope Crafts
Image Credit: A New Hope Crafts

As they are made of vinyl, these kinds of keychains are much more durable than their brittle plastic counterparts. Personally, I’m looking forward having a local version of these.

4) Services

Image Credit: Pokemon GO Singapore Facebook
Image Credit: Pokemon GO Singapore Facebook

Previously, you might have heard some people joking about driving people around for Pokemon Go Uber-style, but some are making it a reality.

We found a peculiar advertisement on the Singapore Facebook groups offering to drive Singaporeans around in Vans to hunt for Pokemon.

WARNING: Contact them at your own risk as we’re unable to verify their company on any Singaporean registry.

My advice: just go about things in a Uber- or Taxi-hire if you really want to. Specialised services sound awesome, but there’s too little time and information to plan a service properly as of right now.

Seen anything else interesting? Let us know and we’ll add it in! -Vulcan Post

Feature Image Credit: The Pokemon Company, Niantic

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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