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NUS Student’s Encounter With Whatsapp Creep Goes Viral – Here’s What We Learned

I heard it all about Tinder-shaming, but Whatsapp-shaming too?

That’s exactly what happened when blogger spaceneko ran into her acquaintance online again… after two years of not talking.

Here’s the first thing he said to her:

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Innocent enough right? Here’s the first warning sign:

Warning Sign #1: He’s Asking For Your Relationship Status Right Off The Bat

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First, asking for someone’s relationship status right off the bat is hardly “casual”.

Not only that, he is speaking in circles, as if by buying time, he’ll be more familiar with you and then start to ask other, more personal questions.

Warning Sign #2: “Can I Be Direct…?” From A Total Stranger

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Well, what else can a stranger ask or say that’s direct? You’re ugly, can I have a loan please or even please marry me now?

Basically, saying “can I be direct” is more like “can I just say anything I want right now?”

To her credit, spaceneko must be quite a nice person. She is basically trying to lend a listening ear to a person in need, but well, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice.

Warning Sign #3: The Person You’re Talking To Is Talking In Circles

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Well, he couldn’t even say sex, he had to say bedded. At least he tried to maintain a sense of decorum.

Either way, there isn’t any way up from this point anymore, but once again, spaceneko swoops in perfectly to save him:

“Is this for a survey?”

Warning Sign #4: You Have To Start Explaining Yourself To Make Sense Of The Situation

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Once that happens, the other party will think you’ve been drawn into the conversation. spaceneko recovers spectacularly, while the other guy has a partial revelation.

He should have stopped right there once he realised that he was interrogating her, really.

Warning Sign #5: The Person Admits To Stalking You On Social Media

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Once that happens, you NEED to block him on every social media account or just make those accounts private.

If there is one, there will no doubt be more.

Seriously though, he should have read some books on what’s appropriate and what’s not before he talks to any other person again. From spaceneko‘s Whatsapp, it looks like he has had a history of doing this, except with different tactics.

BONUS: The Ending

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Well, this is how it ended up online and in our hands.

Basically, you shouldn’t be replying to strangers even if they’re on Whatsapp, and especially if they start speaking weird.

Keep safe out there, even online! – Vulcan Post

Feature Image Credit: Spaceneko.wordpress

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