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So you’ve been together with your better half for a good portion of your lives, and you’ve finally decided to settle down and build a life together.

After the fancy engagement and proposal comes, what many couples would say, the most gruelling part of settling down – planning the wedding.

Naturally, you’ll trawl Google, social media sites, and various wedding publications available in Singapore for inspiration in hopes to create your ‘dream wedding’. Even after settling on all this, sifting through countless listings of bridal studios, photographers and videographers to hire awaits you.

This is more often that not a painstaking and time-consuming process for anyone trying to plan a wedding.

Here Comes Bow and Tiara

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Essentially, Bow and Tiara is a wedding discovery platform that curates whatever I mentioned above.

The product of a husband and wife team of Roy Ang (former General Manager of e27) and Tan Kai Hui, Bow and Tiara serves to bridge the gap between the endless flow of wedding ideas and services available on the net and the consumer searching for it.


From the get-go, they seek to differentiate themselves from all existing wedding platforms in the market.

How they hope to achieve this is through the creation of an open, all-encompassing global wedding community where both wedding professionals and couples are able to contribute useful content and build resources that will help others to not just discover ideas, but to also evaluate products & services.


Roy also mentioned that for any couple, a wedding is a special day that signifies an important milestone in their lives, and that is why Bow and Tiara exists – to provide couples with useful wedding-related content, as well as to connect them to top professionals.

100 Top Wedding Professionals And Counting



The Bow and Tiara website heavily utilises the use of a very graphical interface, with a focus on image quality, and backed by algorithms that pushes the best content to you.

It is because of these qualities that the platform is able to attract over 100 top wedding professionals from across the globe, one of which is local industry veteran and owner of Luna Blanca Bridal Boutique, Steven Tong.


From these 100 or so listings, you can expect to browse through more than a thousand high quality images. If those figures daunt you, fret not, because as mentioned earlier, you will only be shown the best and most relevant content according to what you are searching for.

More than just ideas and inspirations, the site also ranks the professionals who are found on the platform as well. The rankings are determined by how much engagement they have acquired on the site, coming in the form of Upvotes, Saves, and Shares.

Ideas And Directory

These are the main two categories that you will come across when you visit the website.


The idea is that Bow and Tiara wants to be somewhere you can draw inspiration from when planning for that all important occasion. Here you can sort the results through three ways, Hottest, Latest, and My Feed.

Hottest, as the name suggests, is where you will be able to find the most popular bridal ideas from users of the site. Latest is where you can see results from the newest submissions o the platform, and My Feed is where you will be able to see the accounts you have followed or bookmarked.


If you’re the decisive type and want to dive straight through to finding the relevant services, click on Directory instead.

Here, you will be able easily find what you need, from wedding attires, to photo and video services, to places and decorations for rental, to even wedding planners, gifts and emcees.


They also weren’t kidding when they said that there are professionals from all over the world.

Dive in deeper and you will be able to find studios based in Singapore, around the region and even in popular destinations for couples worldwide.

Plans For An App

As beautiful as the images are on a computer screen in a tiled format, when going it on mobile, I found myself on a linear vertical screen, and it can be a tad too tiring to endlessly scroll through the website.

It would be nice if there was an app for this – and even Roy agrees.

He mentioned that due the fact that in Asia, content is mainly consumed through the mobile phone, releasing an app will be a natural progression, and he aims to do so within the next six months.

If you or your friends and family are going to get married soon, maybe you should give the platform a go – it could just pleasantly surprise you.

Find out more about them at their website: http://bowandtiara.com/


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