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It seems strange we did not write on how Vulcan Post began and how it is now. But we’re still an infant, and happy being one!

We started last August with a vision of bringing Internet lifestyle news in Southeast Asia to you, our readers. Technology news should not be consumed only by ‘tech’ people; everyone should be able to understand what tech is, because, like it or not, technology affects us in many ways: our daily commutes, our working habits, and our conversations. Man, our thoughts too.

Today, 7 months after our first post, we are more than convicted to bring you Vulcan TV – a channel of video content about companies and brands in the digital space that affect our daily lifestyle.


Our Vision for Vulcan TV

Vulcan TV is our face to news content. It is the wing-man to Vulcan Post. Not only should news be informative, it must bring us all back to reality. Technology should never be seen as Utopian. There are faces to them behind the scenes, and at the end of the day, these ideas are from real people who discovered a problem and decided to solve it, while sharing their solution to the rest of the world.

These businesses, big or small, go through many decision making and extra miles to make sure their offerings to consumers are sustainable and beneficial. At this juncture, Vulcan TV wants to be their visual storyteller.

How does Vulcan TV work?

Currently, Vulcan TV is partnering a Singapore-based independent production house The Film Guys to deliver quality videography. We love what The Film Guys are doing, and both of us have the similar vision for Vulcan TV as well as the promise of video content.

We are really excited to be working with them and have the brilliant team on board as the official partner for Vulcan TV.

thefilmguys(Image Credit: TheFilmGuys)

Each episode would be less than 10 minutes long, featuring interviews between our host and multiple persons behind the company we visit. We expect to have 10 episodes this year.

Because of the exclusive access to companies, we would love if viewers can also share with us what questions you would like us to ask at these interviews. We are always learning and we would appreciate it if you could share with us- what would you like to know? Do you want to know why they launch the company? Do you want to know if they are hiring? Do you want to know how is it like working there?

We yearn to draw insights into each topic we discuss. We also like to top every episode off with an office tour to explore the company culture (which is so important!) behind brands.

The host for Vulcan TV is also one of our Singapore correspondent – Dawn.

host(Middle: Dawn, who recently decided to part with locks and traded for a crop)

Dawn is not trained professionally. In fact, she is still a little shy. That said, she is also zealous in everything she do so, well, we figured- yeah, why not. Let’s grow together. Our end goal is for Dawn to articulate ‘hippopotamus‘ and smile at the same time without looking contorted infront of the camera.

We are always looking for great partners to work with, writers to join our team, as well as interesting internet lifestyle news to cover. You know how to reach us: we are only an email away!

With all that said, the team at Vulcan Network would like to grandly welcome you to Episode 1 of Vulcan TV!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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