For a campaign, Offpeak.my is seeding Pokéstops all over Klang Valley with lures. Pokétrainers GO!

Published 2016-08-10 12:24:41

If you’re beginning to feel a little down seeing fellow trainers around you walk with an impressive Pokédex full of unique and uncommon Pokémon and your list comprises mainly of Pidgeys and Rattatas, you should be one of those who are constantly on the radar for locations boasting about lure events they’re holding to attract people to their area. Lures are possibly the best methods to give your Pokémon inventory a bigger variety.

But if you’re not keen on paying parking fees and enduring lengthy traffic jams just to enter shopping malls that have been doing these Pokémon hunting events, here’s a chance for you to try your luck and see whether the next Pokémon that appears on your map is not a Weedle for once.

Lures Across The Klang Valley

Image Credit: Offpeak.my
Image Credit: Offpeak.my

Offpeak Malaysia announced on their Facebook page yesterday about a lure series they’ve kicked off where they will be dropping a number of lure modules across 3 major areas in Klang Valley for all trainers out there. They had already ventured into SS15 yesterday where they had a live broadcast to show their Pokémon hunting trip on Facebook.

The next upcoming stops they’ll be doing is on 11 August at TTDI (8.30PM) and on 13 August at Publika (4PM) and Bangsar (8PM). They are also giving away free exclusive Offpeak power banks for lucky winners who participate in the FB live sessions.

Feature Image Credit: bustle.com

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