So many have claimed to have the ability to see or talk to ghosts, but how do we even know if they are telling the truth? The Smart Local has an idea.

Annabelle Jeffrey  |  Singapore
Published 2016-08-26 17:00:00

Do you have the “Third Eye” a.k.a the ability to see spirits, or know someone who has it?

Well, local website The Smart Local is offering a whopping $100,000 to anyone who can actually prove they have the ability to see or communicate with those from the beyond.

Yup, that’s right, $100,000.

The Smart Local's challenge for the Third Eye/ Image Credit: The Smart Local Facebook
The Smart Local’s challenge for the Third Eye (they have clarified that the figure is $100,000)

The Challenge

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The challenge was inspired by Asiaone’s article about an exclusive interview with a person who claims he has the third eye.

In light of that, TSL will be offering the prize money of $100,000 to anyone who is able to prove they have the “Third Eye” or any paranormal power – but only under proper observing conditions.

The challenge will be ongoing till the end of 2016, and furthermore, if TSL receives a large enough number of participants, they will get a chance to prove themselves on The Smart Local’s YouTube channel in a series.

Hoax Or Real?

The Conjuring – a phenomenal horror movie franchise – showcased the power of a medium, but it’s not the only movie that has played on that genre. Many have done so in the past and still do.

Take Paranormal Activity for example, which played on the idea that a couple was being haunted by entities who then proceeded to record a video to prove it.

A scene from Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension/ Image Credit: variety.com
A scene from Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension/ Image Credit: variety.com

Many of these “found footage” ideas came about after the success of The Blair Witch Project, but none of them proven to be true.

However, it doesn’t only happen in movies.

Over the years, many have claimed to have seen spirits or they have the ability to communicate with them – psychics, clairvoyants, mediums…but many have been met with skepticism, even from those who believe in the supernatural.

So how do we know if the supernatural, and the ability to communicate with them is real or not?

The article in Asiaone seems sketchy enough, with the person of the third eye not revealing his real name – and there was also no one to confirm his stories.

But there are people who claim to be the real deal and others who vouch for them, so the challenge by TSL is probably the best option to find out if these people are really who they say they are.

I personally hope so – even if some of us do not believe it, and the possibility of failure can never be eradicated, the series will still definitely be worth a watch.

We’re pretty excited to see how this challenge progresses, how about you?

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