S’poreans Are Seriously Pissed With Uber. Read This: “Dont Cheat Me With Your Upfront Pricing”.

Uber is making headlines again, but this time, it’s not for the better.

Earlier this week, Uber quickly implemented a new pricing system so that customers will know their actual fare – including the cost of ERP and surges – before they start their trip. This is to prevent any surprises they might receive at the end when they might have to end up paying more than bargained for.

With UberPool already implementing the system, Uber felt it would benefit all customers by adding in to their normal Uber rides.

Netizen Claims Rides Are Now MUCH More Expensive

Ever since Uber introduced its new upfront pricing system, the online transportation network company has been getting a lot of backlash from commuters who use the app.

With so many Singaporeans complaining of Uber’s fare hikes – some that double the previous amount – it looks like Uber might lose its riders.

Over on Facebook and Twitter, commuters are not only complaining about the increase in fares, but they also plan on not using the app anymore. Some even plan on moving over to Grab, Uber’s competitor, as it offers better rates.

These are some of the comments taken from Uber’s Facebook page.


Grab has also made some changes to their services recently, by adding in TransCab taxis to their services.

This would allow for more drivers to be around especially during peak periods – and with Uber’s current situation, Grab might be getting more customers in the next few weeks.

Rise Of UberPool

With the sudden surge in Uber X’s fares, many might probably opt for UberPool option instead – where riders get to enjoy 25 percent less of the metered fare.

Just a day after it introduced the upfront pricing system, Uber offered up a promo code for UberPool riders. Furthermore, on 4 September, they announced another 50 percent discount for UberPool riders, enticing them to take up the offer.

Could this be a strategic move to get more customers to join the new riding option? Being that UberX is too expensive and it would only make more sense to pool rather than ride alone and spend a lot of money.

Strategic or not, it seems as though Uber is making a lot of people angry, and that is not something you want to handle every single day.

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