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Flying is probably one of the most miserable experiences, especially if it’s a long distance flight and you are flying coach.


A 20-hour flight can transform you from a well-kept decent-looking human being to an insane, crazy-haired, sleep deprived zombie.

Here’s how this amazing transformation happens.

1. The Awkward Touching

First, there is the uncomfortable security check where you get groped by an unknown man for having a few metal coins in your pocket.


2. The Unfair Advantage

As long as you are an able-bodied adult who isn’t pregnant or a senior, you will probably be the last to enter the plane as well as get served.



3. The Horrible Food

Finally, when you do get your food, it will be the most miserable meal you’ve ever had in your life.


4. The Scary Toilet

Using the airplane toilet itself is already a life risk as the strong vacuum flush is known to suck small children and babies.


5. The Uncomfortable Seats

The seats are cramp-givers which are unable to tilt more than two degrees to go from just plain uncomfortable to life wreckingly uncomfortable.

flight6Unfortunately, these airplanes are the only way to get around the globe, so I’ll just sit and brood at home until really cheap awesome private jets are invented.


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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