GrabGas speaks up about their recent controversy and talks about the future and what they plan to do.

Published 2016-09-08 14:22:58

Many readers would be familiar with the recent GrabGas fiasco and with the latest news of Digi pulling their funding, we decided to reach out to GrabGas to let them have their say on their side of events.

When asked about Digi and the recent loss of funding, they replied:

“It definitely saddens us that Digi chose to not proceed with the investment, and with that we will be missing out numerous support that we can get from them. But nevertheless, we still standstill on the vision that we have since day 1 which is to digitalise the cooking gas delivery industry and we believe that with or without the support of Digi, we are still able to go strong towards that vision.”

They seem very positive about the future and shared:

“Well on a personal note, all startups have their ups and downs and this is just one of the many downs we will have. As long as we as a team continue to stick with each other through thick and thin and continue believing in the vision and idea that we have always been, then it’s still not the end yet.”

When referring to mistakes (if any) on their part, they confirmed their stance as co-founder Sean Hoo’s Facebook post:

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lose.”

We asked whether this was referring to only how they managed the dispute with Julian, or does this also include the misrepresentation of their stats to the media and investors, they simply replied with:

“The whole fiasco in terms of our reputation.”

On any plans moving forward, the team had this to say:

“We believe that we are not what others say we are, people who don’t know us have no idea how well we treat our team. Yes we do have specific plan to move forward and we believe that we are able to comeback stronger.”

Finally, we asked about the controversy regarding a lack of transparency about their numbers and lying to media outlets and their investors. The GrabGas team responded:

“Nope, we at GrabGas has not intention to mislead any wrong numbers and false data. And for the interest of our key shareholder and partners, we do not have a plan to address this.”

As a matter of interest, the three founders (Sean Hoo, Jeson Lee and Gabriel Lim) have shared their own responses on their personal Facebook pages, which we have included below.


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Original post here.

Feature Image Credit: GrabGas

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