Shopping at your favourite stores nationwide just got a whole lot easier with Pocket Malls Singapore, the one stop directory map and app for SG malls.

Annabelle Jeffrey  |  Singapore
Published 2016-09-19 16:01:33

For a relatively small country, we have a pretty large number of shopping malls.

With Singapore’s strong mall culture, it’s no surprise that we have over 100 shopping centres. In fact, we’re also reported to have “the highest level of retail space per capita among ASEAN countries – significantly above Bangkok which has 0.8 sqm per capita, and nearby Kuala Lumpur with 0.71 sqm per capita.”

JCube shopping centre in Jurong/ Image Credit: 65hostel.com
JCube shopping centre in Jurong/ Image Credit: 65hostel.com

But it’s also no wonder that we can’t remember what stores are available at some malls, especially if they aren’t as well-visited such as the ones in town, or nearer to your neighbourhood.

I’m pretty sure many of us know the feeling that comes with being lost in a mall, and needing to rely on the information counter/screen for navigation. Sometimes, even those information sources are hard to locate!

This is where the Pocket Malls app aims to come in.

Pocket Malls

A Singaporean app created by Ngo The Hung, the app has a simple aim – to help users locate stores in any shopping mall with just a push of a button.

A list of malls in Singapore/ Image Credit: iTunes
A list of malls in Singapore/ Image Credit: iTunes

Launched in 2014, the app is integrated with FourSquare, where users can look up photos of the malls and stores as well as find helpful reviews on them.

Singaporeans can use the app to find shopping, dining and entertainment options and services at malls near them. They can can also locate and search for any stores at various malls without the need of the shopping centres’s physical store directory.

Via the app, they are also able to view different store’s information, call, as well as bookmark their favourite stores for future visits.

Putting It To The Test

Just because the app is listed on Apple store and Google doesn’t necessarily mean that it will always work well, or be up to par as per the description – hence, we decided to put it to the test.

We picked ION Orchard, one of the busiest malls in Singapore.

The search process for Pocket Malls is pretty smooth – the moment “I” and “O” were typed in, the name ION Orchard was already offered.

Pocket Malls search engine for ION Orchard
Pocket Malls search engine for ION Orchard

Under Map at the ION Orchard section, it provides three different types of views for different types of users – the normal view, street view and directions.

The street view is exactly like what we see on Google Maps, and direction-impaired users are able to look through and have an accurate visualisation of ION Orchard even before stepping foot into it.

Street view of ION Orchard level 1
Street view of ION Orchard level 1

Taking It One Step Further

SG Malls Directory is of course the original app which provides information on different shopping centres in Singapore, as well as show users how to get to those malls by public transport.

But Pocket Malls Singapore ups SG Malls Directory by presenting the feature of an in-mall map for some shopping centres in Singapore.

his would be especially effective in some of the newly built maze-like malls that send people on many roundabouts.

Pocket Malls' map of how to get to ION Orchard/ Image Credit: 148apps.com
Pocket Malls’ map of how to get to ION Orchard/ Image Credit: 148apps.com

However, the maps feature is powered by Google Maps – which means that those who haven’t downloaded the latter will not be able to access the feature in Pocket Malls Singapore.

With Pocket Malls, it looks like we will be able to shop till we drop even more effectively without the need of mazing through malls and store directories!

Feature Image Credit: redemption.smugmug.com

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