Here’s Every iPhone That Humanity Has Laid Hands On Since 2007 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Apple iPhone is now on a status that is level with any other pop culture phenomenon.

Ever since the death of the iPod and its mono-coloured commercials, the iPhone has taken up the mantle of being Apple’s mainstay, defining an entire market segment for itself in typical Apple fashion.

The iPhone Fairytale


From just 4 countries when the first generation iPhones were released, the current iPhone 7 can be found in almost all corners of the globe, and have become the symbol of the cool and trendy almost immediately.

The very first iPhone lacked 3G connection, much less a selfie camera, so look where we are today with the iPhone 7 Plus – a gargantuan increase in size compared to its ancestor, alongside the latest and fastest processors Apple has produced, and three cameras for you to take all the pictures in the world.


Performance and technological improvements have come a long way for the iPhone over the past 9 years, as shared by by Phil Schiller during his segment at the recent Keynote.

Imagine this, the iPhone 7 is 120 times faster than the original iPhone.

That being said, Apple didn’t quite get everything right on their first try, and its latest release is a product of them learning from their previous less than stellar attempts.

Remember #antennagate and #bendgate?

iPhone History Roundup

Every year we are presented by Apple with their latest and greatest mobile phone, and unlike many other manufacturers, their product cycles are easier to keep track of.

Let’s walk down memory lane and look back and each and every iPhone that have come out of Cupertino, because before you know it, September 2017 will come around, and you can bet that Apple will have a major overhaul ready to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

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Next year’s iPhone will certainly have to live up to the hype with rumours about it circulating since last year.

If they were to be believed, that Jet Black finish will be more common as a full glass iPhone has been mooted amongst other changes, such as wireless charging, and the removal of the home button too.

We’re definitely looking forward to 2017.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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