Bet You Didn’t Notice This – A Familiar Singapore Scene Was In The Recent Apple Keynote

On 7 September 2016, Apple held their annual Keynote, hosting media from all over the world and streaming the event to millions of viewers.


As expected, we were bombarded with a slew of products that were expected to be announced. There’s the second generation Apple Watch in its many variants, from the sporty to the luxury. Then there’s the two new iPhone 7 s, plus some software and mobile gaming releases for both the watch and phone.

Singaporean Surprise In The Middle

In all the media frenzy to keep our eyes peeled for Apple’s latest gadgets, many may have turned a blind eye on the ‘least interesting’ parts of the Keynote.


Honestly, the common man on the street couldn’t care less about how many gazillion iPhones were sold (to be exact a billion was sold), or how iOS is the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.

But hidden between these mundane talks lies a little surprise for those watching from Singapore.


This image might seem familiar to Singaporeans.

If I were to hazard a guess, this is probably Yishun Park at the height of the Pokémon GO craze at launch.

Tim Cook used this image to bring across his point as to why now you see so many iPhones around you, and why the iPhone is the gold standard of which every smartphone is compared against, that has become a cultural phenomenon which has touched many lives.


Anyway, the iPhone 7 is already available to us here in Singapore, and people would have definitely installed Pokémon GO to play it on their new device while they await the new Apple Watch complete their journey to be the best Pokémon trainer.

Come on Singapore, let’s make it into next year’s Keynote too when they launch the next iPhone!

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