Life Is Full Of Surprises, So This Startup Is Sending You A Box Of Random Vegetables To Cook Every Week

The demand for organic food has been increasing over the past couple of years despite the cost being higher, and has even made its way into supermarkets usually found in the heartlands such as NTUC Fairprice and Sheng Siong, according to The New Paper.

Supermarkets aren’t the only ones to hop onto the bandwagon for organic food. Many online sites now also cater to those who want to shop for produce without Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), such as Zenxin Organic Delivery and Open Taste.

The subscription box craze has also taken Singapore by storm since 2011, as reported by The Business Times with many different types of subscription available to users.

Cabbage Pact Facebook
Cabbage Pact Facebook

Bringing together two current trends – subscriptions boxes and organic produce – Singapore-based Cabbage Pact has come up with the perfect blend of those.

Cabbage Pact

Fruits and vegetables/ Image Credit: Cabbage Pact
Fruits and vegetables/ Image Credit: Cabbage Pact

Cabbage Pact was created and launched on 16 August this year with the intention to get rid of pesticides and unnecessary fuss from our foods.

With the aim to be friendly on the pocket for those in need of a convenient organic fix, they decided on a subscription service strategy.

The team, made up founder Adeline and three of her friends, realised that while Singaporeans are fast becoming more concerned about what they consume, organic food is still often marketed or perceived as something gourmet or premium.

Hence, they decided to to create something more economical and convenient for those who want organic food without all the fuss.

The produce curator is determined to deliver the freshest organic produce to consumers every single week, and subscribers can expect a range of fruits and vegetables from all across Asia, Australia, Europe and America – though a majority comes from the land down under.

What It Offers

People can choose from a collection of boxes to match their tastes and select from different plans that promises ultimate value.

Cabbage Pact has begun with three main offerings at the moment – The Full Works, Veggiepants and Juicy Stuph.

Cabbage Pact Subscriptions in medium and large sizes
Cabbage Pact Subscriptions in medium and large sizes

The Full Works is a mixture of organic vegetables and fruits while the Veggiepants is a box chock-full with all kinds of greens. The Juicy Stuph is  just basically fruits and vegetables in liquid form – in other words a juice – that according to Cabbage Pact is said to be a crowd pleaser.

The content of the boxes unlike many other organic food delivery services, do not stay the same every week. Cabbage Pact changes up their produce every time to offer subscribers a larger variety to organic fruits and vegetables. In other words, it’s a like a mini surprise every week!

Consumers who also wish to change the content of their boxes – like substituting or excluding certain fruits and vegetables – are able to do so by emailing Cabbage Pact after they’ve placed their order.

Little Player In A Big Game

One of the main challenges the team faced when starting Cabbage Pact was creating awareness for the brand.

The market for organic fresh food is already mature in Singapore, so when just starting out, they would just be considered another player in the game by locals, who might still prefer more established brands.

Moreover, the notion of fruits and vegetables being delivered in the form of subscription boxes is still something that people aren’t currently used to, especially for picky eaters – that of which they are planning to overcome.

What stands out, too, is their witty sense of humour that greets us on the Facebook page and website.

Image Credit: Cabbage Pact Facebook
Image Credit: Cabbage Pact Facebook

This also translates to our conversation with them.

When we reached out to ask for team photos, they replied, “Unfortunately we do not have photos of us together. We’re quite the camera shy folk, hope you understand. Feel free to use photos of our veggies instead. Trust me, they look better than we do ;)”

Back To Basics

Cabbage Pact seeks to provide their subscribers with the best available basic produce we all eat on a daily basis.

Less mainstream produce like the Romanesco Broccoli and Oca are definitely not in the list, since Cabbage Pact strives to be the home of organic, common produce, added on with the convenience of shopping online.

Image Credit: Cabbage Pact

As for future plans, the team hopes to expand their range of boxes soon, and add on complementary products to the current offerings.

The fact that Cabbage Pact decide to rope in two of our favourite current trends at a much cheaper price makes it all the more enticing. They are proving that you don’t need to spend loads of money to eat healthy, and we absolutely love that we can get it all with just a click of a button.

As the team says, “Cabbage Pact is a great and spontaneous way to shop for groceries. Singaporeans can keep their pantries filled with crap-free produce, without having to gag at the sight of their bank balance.”

Perhaps it’s time to finally start on going organic!

Feature Image Credit: Cabbage Pact

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