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Beauty can be seen in many ways so with the advancement of technology now, smartphones can now handle taking high quality photos that may one day even compete with a professional camera.

Here are 10 talented Malaysians with a keen eye for photography who show us how it’s done, with just mobile phones.

1) Sanjit Das

Image Credit: Sanjit Das

Hailing from India but now calling KL his home, Sanjit Das manages to capture the beauty of this country on various devices, including his mobile phone.

To give tips for mobile photography, Sanjit commented “The very basic of photography is light and shadow—it hasn’t changed. I would suggest to find that light and watch how it behaves, wait for it, understand where it falls, and once you’ve discovered it—make that photograph. My only tip is to give more thought when making photos. Make every photo count, use form and geometry to make a good photograph.”

Phone used: Huawei P9

2) Liew Chi Khong

Image Credit: Little Khong
Image Credit: Little Khong

Known for his story about travelling around Malaysia within a budget, Khong enjoys making pit-stops during his travel to capture the scenic view he sees of Malaysia and captures it beautifully with his mobile.

His tip is that what’s important in a photograph is it’s composition. “Frame the picture nicely on the screen before touching the snap button. Another concern is the lighting. Since most of the phone’s camera didn’t work nicely under low light, so do make sure the surrounding lights are sufficient. Phone camera works the best under the sunlight.”

Phone used: Xiaomi Red

3) Jiven Sekar

Image Credit: @jeevansekar on Instagram

To show his appreciation towards his loved ones, Jiven Sekar uses his talent for photography to run a series that features important people in his life while incorporating the beauty of Malaysia as well.

His personal tip for people interested with mobile photography is “Basically, shoot it slightly under exposed and keep the visual simple. That alone should make it look like you’re taking something different.”

Phone Used: iPhone 6

4) Alayna Rani

Image Credit:
Image Credit: Alayna Rani

Alayna Rani has a knack for capturing the moment, whether it be for weddings or even her own travel diaries. Her keen eye for angling her images to capture the depth of her surroundings is what makes her mobile photography eccentric in her own way.

Her advice is “I would say learn to understand light, to edit and use less filters and to make the most out of the camera settings as well as the photography apps out there. The main thing to consider when taking a picture is how well it tells a good story. Keep trying till it does!”

Phone used: iPhone 5S

5) Prakash Daniel

Image Credit: Prakash Daniel

Having a series where it focuses solely on mobile photography and what can be achieved with a simple smart phone, Prakash Daniel uses his opportunities of his travelling to capture certain moments forever.

Phone used: HTC One Plus 9

6) Suzanne Lee

Image Credit: Suzanne Lee

Travelling with her husband or sometimes on her own, Suzanne Lee takes photos across Asia that depicts her journeys and the stories she comes across when she goes around the continent with her mobile phone.

Phone used: Huawei P9 Plus

7) Ismael Ma

Image Credit: Ismael Ma

Ismael takes unique shots of various locations throughout Malaysia which created a series on his Instagram that is specifically for the iPhone which depicts the scenery of what Kuala Lumpur specifically has to offer.

Phone used: iPhone 6s

8) Rahman Roslan

Image Credit: Rahman Rosly

Rahman is a wandering photographer always on the search for different sights to see. Though he uses his camera mainly for the more high quality shots, his usage of various mobile phones for his photography is also just as good.

Phone Used: Sony Xperia X

9) Chloe Lee

Image Credit: Chloe Lee

If you’re one to enjoy simplistic but a nice aesthetic feel on your Instagram feed, you’ll definitely be a fan of Chloe Lee‘s Instagram. Her eye for photography makes use of different angles to capture the right images that embody the surroundings she’s in.

Phone used: iPhone 6

10) Caleb Lim

Image Credit: Caleb Lim

Dabbling more in the art of portraits, Caleb has a unique sense of capturing the imagery behind objects and the message behind a person with his photography.

His tip for mobile photography is to just keep shooting and practicing because improvement will only happen then.

“For iPhone users, make use of the grid lines that provided. Use it as a guide to start learning how to frame. Try not to zoom with your phone lens and instead move yourself closer to the subject.”

Phone Used: iPhone 5SE and iPhone 5S

Feature Image Credit: Compiled from @jeevansekar, @ismael_m, @littlekhong, @caloey, @calebbbby, @prashankdaniel on Instagram

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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(UEN 201431998C.)