Ran out of marketing budget because of their rampant promotions for Pokemon GO and Joseph Schooling, perhaps?

Published 2016-09-30 16:58:02


I don’t think there’s a need for us to explain what the abbreviation means, because it’s safe to say that its prevalence on our social media feeds is enough for the song to stay with us till we die for a while.

Cue covers (some cute, some bad, some WTF) of the song, memes and this particularly amusing Singaporean parody video by SGAG.

Surprisingly, though, Singaporeans brands and businesses have not exactly hopped onto the hype, and so far, the only ones that have caught our attention is Pilot Pen‘s timely promotion of their Juice Aromatic pens and Xiaomi‘s plug on their Mi Max.

Our Malaysian team had done an article on their local companies riding on the success of the viral video, and when we decided to find Singaporean companies doing the same, what we found was mostly memes embedded with a local context.

For a country notorious for the phrase “Simi sai also __insert trend__“, the lack of companies hopping onto the bandwagon is almost jarring.

The SG50, Schooling And Pokemon GO Effect

I’m sure we all remember when shops, restaurants and businesses regardless of affiliation released outrageous promotions in relation to these three (dare we say) phenomenons. (Check out some of the shenanigans on our articles on SG50, Schooling and PokeGO.)

SG50-shaped fish cakes? Check.

Image Credit: singapore.coconuts.co
Image Credit: singapore.coconuts.co

Schooling’s gold resulting in free chicken nuggets? Check.

Image Credit: kopitiambot
Image Credit: kopitiambot

Showing your Jigglypuff for 1 free hour of karaoke? Check.

Image Credit: greatdeals.com.sg
Image Credit: greatdeals.com.sg

Therefore, I’m quite surprised that seeing how opportunistic local businesses are, they’ve not yet come up with deals related to PPAP.

Perhaps the fact that it’s merely a music video (albeit viral) puts brands off investing their marketing budget on it, but hey, remember how Psy’s Gangnam Style made everything #SimiSaiAlsoGangnamStyle?

Or perhaps, they ran out of marketing budget because of their rampant promotions for PokeGO and Schooling?

Did you see any local companies hopping onto the PPAP craze? Let us know!

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