Anil Polat's map of the Wi-Fi passwords in airports all around the world solves the problem of boredom for any traveller with a long layover.

Published 2016-10-07 13:22:53

The average traveller nowadays wouldn’t give a damn about a long waiting time at an airport if you provided two things: unlimited Wi-Fi and a power supply to keep their battery levels up.

However, not all airports come with free Wi-Fi, and many are behind paywalls or have time restrictions.

Enter Anil Polat, a blogger and computer security engineer who is on a journey to visit every country in the world. As a frequent traveller, he understands Wi-Fi woes and has decided to do something to address it.

On his website, his readers and followers send comments and emails to him and he updates a Google map with information on where to find Wi-Fi at the airports and what the passwords are. As Wi-Fi passwords are changed quite frequently, this constant updating is necessary to keep the map relevant.

If you zoom in on a specific country and click on the airplane symbol, you’ll be able to see the Wi-Fi details for the airport.

Screenshot of map.
Screenshot of map.

We’ve noticed some gaps in the map though. Singapore is unmarked, and so is Japan. Perhaps they will be included in the next update.

The map is also available on the Apple App Store or Google Play so it will be available offline, but it comes at a price.

For travellers who aren’t willing to open up their wallets to buy the app, we’ll just have to do our research and check out the map before flying off.

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