Because Tennis Buddies Aren’t Easy To Find, This S’pore App Wants To Match The Venus To Your Serena

Ever wanted to play a game of tennis on your downtime, but just couldn’t find another person to play with?

Well, it’s time to goodbye to giving up on your tennis dreams, and say hello to more games with Singaporean app Rovo!

Rovo app
Rovo app/ Image credit: Invision apps

Rovo is an app created to connect tennis players and enthusiasts of all levels in Singapore.

For starters, users have to go through a little quiz to see how they fare in their game in tennis.

Quiz question in Rovo
Quiz question in Rovo/Image credit: Invision apps

Once users have created their profiles, the app matches them with other tennis players according to their skill level, distance from the other player, as well as availability to play a game.

When players have selected their games, they can then chat with their opponents via the app to discuss other details, including time and place of where and when the match will take place.

Players chatting with each other through Rovo
Players chatting with each other through Rovo / Image credit: Invision apps

Users will also get reminders when the time of the game is nearing, and are also able to invite more people to the game if they want to.

Rovo also rewards players if they refer the app to their friends with gifts.

Catering To The Increasing Number Of Tennis Players

It seems that the creation of Rovo came in at just the right time, as Singstat’s Yearbook of statistics Singapore 2016, shows that the number of tennis players in Singapore has been on the rise.

The survey indicates that tennis is the second most played sport in Singapore with 168,182 tennis courts used in 2015. The number is an increase from 132,245 courts used in 2009.

Children in a tennis lesson/ Image credit: Singaporeexapts.com
Children in a tennis lesson/ Image credit: Singaporeexapts.com

Singapore is also no newbie to the game of tennis, with former Singaporean tennis star Jamie Wong to be the first in the country to be inducted into Georgia Institute of Technology’s Athletics Hall of Fame on October 14 2016.

The 34-year-old, who started her career as a tennis player at the ripe ‘old’ age of 12, was the youngest national tennis champion in 1994 and also holds Singapore’s highest winning record at the International Tennis Federation Fed Cup.

Well-known and loved professional tennis players, Stefanie Tan and Sarah Pang have also made headlines for their tennis skills. With all these local tennis stars on the rise, it’s no wonder many Singaporeans are also inspired to ace the game.

Possible Add-Ons To The App

While it’s great that the app connects tennis players from all over the little red dot, it does seem to be catering only to a niche category.

Tennis isn’t the only racquet game available here, and other games such as badminton, table tennis, squash and racquetball are also popular among Singaporeans.

Hence, the team at Rovo could also consider also catering to the players of these other sports, or better, expand its scope to games like soccer, futsal, basketball and so on.

Because really, where’s the fun in playing games alone?

Feature Image Credit: My Active Sg

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