Startups run the gamut, including some that especially help others startup. Here, we look at a few names that will help kick off a startup of your own.

Samantha Tay  |  Singapore
Published 2016-10-19 16:10:54

It has never been a better time to look at startups.

The industry in Singapore is in a single word, exploding, and there are plenty of startup success stories being featured on the Internet every day.

Every minute, there are ideas being lobbed around, and when a truly great one gets thrown out, people jump on it immediately. The local entrepreneur community is growing faster than ever before, to say the least.

With the rise of the startup industry, the face of the job market has also been irrevocably changed, and more graduates are now playing with the idea of working with small companies rather than with established giants.

But perhaps you’re not content about simply reading about these success breakouts, or to even work for them.

No, maybe you are someone with a dream.

That closet entrepreneur who is going to revolutionise the foodie market with your robot-baked cupcakes. (Why not? Robots are already feeding people pizza.) Someone with a passion, an idea that you know, is going to take Singapore by storm.

And so, we’ve come up with a list of startups to help you, well, start up.

There Are Startups For Every Part Of The Way

1.    Reactor

Image Credit: Reactor
Image Credit: Reactor

Reactor is a Singaporean startup was co-founded by a group of friends, and is based out of a condominium-converted-office in East Coast.

The co-sharing space is affectionately termed the ARC-II after Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Reactor already has partnerships with local universities, including SST, SUTD as well as NUS.

Their trainers mentor not just aspiring entrepreneurs, but also coaches themselves, providing a systematic modules through each aspect.

Image Credit: Reactor
Image Credit: Reactor

2.    Umadx Online

Image Credits: Umadx
Image Credits: Umadx Singapore

Umadx Singapore is the newest crowdfunding platform in town.

Originating from Hong Kong, the platform has recently expanded into our city and are seeking to give local entrepreneurs that much-needed boost with their campaigns.

But why Umadx over names like Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

First of all, they have a two-tier funding system that set a minimum funding target and a full funding target, making it easier on campaign starters. In contrast, Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing system that raises the barrier for campaign success.

Next, Umadx is focused on the Asian regional market, making them more specialised and better equipped to work with specific markets. In addition, the Umadx Play Concierge team features Play Ambassadors who work closely with Project Creators of different campaigns to provide guidance.

None of the other crowdfunding platforms feature this, thus distinguishing Umadx as unique.

Already, Singapore campaigns have started taking off under their tutelage.

TRAVEL A’COR x DION Sketchbook (KAMI Art by Tan Siaw Chia) / Image Credits: Tan Siaw Chia
TRAVEL A’COR x DION Sketchbook (KAMI Art by Tan Siaw Chia) / Image Credits: Tan Siaw Chia
Zologram by The Hologram Team / Image Credits: Victor Kong of Pocket Hologram
Zologram by The Hologram Team / Image Credits: Victor Kong of Pocket Hologram

3.    TradeGecko

Image Credit: Tradegecko
Image Credit: Tradegecko

TradeGecko is an online inventory management system that takes the “boring” out of running a business. In fact, one of the central aims of the platform is to make being your own boss sexy.

What the platform offers is a single space where startups can congregate all aspects of their businesses – their inventory, orders and customer databases. There will be no need to work with separate Excel spreadsheets than having to toggle with compiling data.

Image Credit: Tradegecko
Image Credit: Tradegecko

There will also be no need to lug a laptop around as TradeGecko is optimised for smartphones. Especially when you’re trying to run your startup on the go, this will be extremely useful.

4.    Singroll

Image Credits: Singroll
Image Credits: Singroll

Although startups mostly run on passion, commitment and a burgeoning determination to succeed, it also runs on salaries.

Singroll is a free payroll software with an itemised payslip and SME checklist. It’s essentially a system made by SMEs, for use by SMEs.

As of April 2016, the Employment Act requires employers to issue itemised payslips. With this in mind, Singroll is completely free for use, no grants are required.

So at least that’s one headache checked off.

5.    Dragon Law

This Hong Kong startup provides information and services about all things legal.

This is especially essential in Singapore where any infringement can result in more than slaps on the wrist. Dragon Law helps businesses draw up legal documents, provide legal advice, register trademarks… so on and so forth.

Dragon Law is based in HK but their service is software-based, so startups in Singapore will not be left in the lurch.

Image Credit: Techinasia
Image Credit: Techinasia
Image Credit: Techinasia
Image Credit: Techinasia

6. NUS Hackathon And NTUOSS (NTU Open Source Society)

Now, the last players on the list are not technically startups, but they provide a very important service in helping to launch startups. Many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas behind winning startup concepts.

However, many of them stumble when it comes to the technical side of the company.

Both provide entrepreneurs (not limited to NUS/NTU students) to explore and hack out the technical side of startups, coding and whatnot. Bringing both tech geeks and the rest of us together, these Hackathon sessions promote learning by collaboration.

Image Credits: NTUOSS
Image Credits: NTUOSS

Of course, this list is non-exhaustive.

Startups take time and heart, but if the entrepreneur in you is passionate enough, it’s a good direction to start in.

Featured Image Credits: Channelnewsasia

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