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It’s Friday again, and you’re probably just as excited as we are about the weekend.

We don’t know about how you’re going to spend your break, but this weekend sees Halloween bashes hit the party zones all across Singapore.

But just before we’re let out from work, we have rounded up all the top posts that you might have missed over the past week for your reading pleasure.

This Week In: Startups 

Let it be known that Singapore is a really innovative country.

Startups are popping up almost everyday, and these enthusiastic entrepreneurs are not letting even school stop them anymore. Instead they are devoting their efforts, time, and energy to create interesting products to help us instead!

And honestly, what more can we ask for?

Living costs are going up, and there are fewer jobs available now, (totally not true, by the way!) but at least we might be able to save on rampant Google-ing for our next car now that Carousell has taken over Caarly.

Image Credit: channelnewsasia
Image Credit: channelnewsasia

And at the end of the day, to make your journey home from a shopping spree at the much-friendlier Sim Lim and Naiise way easier, GrabChat is there to help.

Image Credit: lowyat
Image Credit: lowyat

Or, you know, if you’ve not been totally disenchanted by e-scooters yet, perhaps Telepod can help you there.

This Week In: Tech & Lifestyle

Taking it down to a more personal level, for those looking to have a gadget upgrade to enhance all your music indulgences, the Focal’s Listen might just be your new crowning glory. (P.S. Did you know that we are giving away one brand-new pair of Focal’s Listen?)

But it seems like with the latest barrage of high-tech gadgets hitting the markets, something else is about to hit us as well.

And well, this one is going to be painful.

Their price tags.

Firstly, we have the Microsoft’s latest all-in-one wonder, the Microsoft Surface Studio, which also has an all-in-one price tag. But if you feel the really gungho designer raging in you, there are even upgrades to that.

Of course, not be be elbowed out, Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro, with price tags hefty enough to even make the hardcore Apple fans rethink their life decisions, and restaurant dinner plans.

Image Credit: mashable
Image Credit: mashable

Going smaller but not cheaper, the new edgeless Mi Mix designed by Frenchman Philippe Starck boasts a screen to body ratio of 91.3%, the highest of any smartphone today – just for your decadent viewing pleasure.

Image Credits: itechpost
Would you believe us when we tell you that’s SKYRIM? / Image Credit: itechpost

Oh, and let’s not forget that the new Nintendo Switch is due for release soon, and Nintendo knows just exactly how to keep the audience in suspense wanting for more.

So what have we learnt so far?

It seems to have ended on a note that everything new hitting the stores soon are made out of money – and a lot of it.

This Week In: Entrepreneurs

Taking a page out of David Low’s book, who was recently crowned the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, it seems that lifelong learning is key, but that’s not all.

Image Credits: cctv-america
Image Credit: cctv-america

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi also has wisdom aplenty to impart, if you’re willing to spare that 10 mins to listen.

Now, both men are big names, so perhaps you might be a little intimidated, thinking that those are some big shoes to fill. Don’t worry, we’ve distilled the core ideas just for you.

But just in case, let’s also take a look at the people who you might probably find more relatable. These are the youthful entrepreneurs of today, who prove that you are never too young to have your own business.

Or to help others, because having the strength to help others is not about your age, or even the money.

Image Credit: Nurul Jannah
Image Credit: Nurul Jannah

Believing in good food, live music and generous hearts is always a way to go; or perhaps you might be the more action-oriented type when it comes to helping?

But whatever your stance is on lending a helping hand, just remember that following your heart and pursuing your dreams is the only compass you need in life.

Otherwise, you might just end up being the one with just the regrets.

Image Credits: maniacworld
Image Credits: maniacworld

But for now, guess what?

It’s #TGIF so it’s time to let go of work stresses and have fun! And it just so happens to be the Halloween weekend as well, which means it’s time to go out in proper horror style.

Have a good weekend ahead, from all of us at Vulcan Post.

Featured Image Credits: startupbootcamp, pcadvisor, gobbler5, micgadget, Huffington Post, cnet3

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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