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LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum captured hearts around the world when it launched in 2014.

It combined the addictive nature of Candy Crush Saga with the cute and collectable characters from Disney’s massive catalogue.

Gameplay was pretty straightforward – in 60 seconds, players need to connect as many chains of three or more of the same Tsums to eliminate them. The more Tsums you connect, the higher the rewards.

Clearing Tsums also allows you to trigger a Fever Mode with extra bonuses. Additionally, each Tsum has their own special skill you can activate to clear even more Tsums.

Now, with the recent global release of Marvel Tsum Tsum, the cute and cuddly Tsum Tsum collide with the epic Marvel Universe – whose characters are just as popular, if not more, than Disney and Pixar’s.

Stage Mode And Battle Mode

Marvel Tsum Tsum has two main modes of play – Stage Mode and Battle Mode.

Marvel Tsum Tsum stages
Image Credit: Google Play store

In Stage Mode, you are given stages with objectives that you can obtain up to three stars in.

Complete one stage and you unlock the next, but note that certain stages require a specific number of stars to unlock. This manner of progress is similar to games like Candy Crush Saga.

This is a contrast to Disney Tsum Tsum’s style of play where you just jump into a game without any objectives to be mindful of other than chasing after a high score.

That said, you can enter such a mode in Marvel Tsum Tsum by clicking on the helicarrier (unlocked after completing the second ‘world’ of stages), where you can also compare high scores with friends.

Marvel Tsum Tsum co-op
Image Credit: GameAxis

In Battle Mode, which you unlock after completing the first ‘world’ of stages, you are placed in boss battles where you have a chance at unlocking unique Tsums or obtaining items to upgrade your Tsums.

You can also team up with friends (or strangers) to take down bosses co-operatively.

Boss Levels

Boss levels are fairly similar to regular levels except that a giant boss Tsum is taking up a lot of space and you’ll be trying to connect your own Tsums around him in order to do damage to him.

Don’t get complacent though, because these Boss Tsums have their own special abilities that can disrupt your flow, such as removing your bombs or lowering your attack. When getting a Mega Charge (Marvel Tsum Tsum’s version of Fever Mode), the boss jumps out for a few moments and takes extra damage.

When you create long chains of Tsums, they result in bombs that explode and clear Tsums in a radius.

Bombs placed close to a Boss Tsum will deal more damage than one that’s located far away, so try to connect Tsums in such a way that gets you bombs close to the boss.

Manage Your Marvel Tsum Tsum Team

In Marvel Tsum Tsum, you play with a team of three Tsums instead of just one.

Marvel Tsum
Image Credit: Playoholic

Each Tsum has their own individual stats in Health, Attack and Defence that add up to a cumulative whole for the team.

Each Tsum also has a Special Skill on top of their regular Skill, which tends to be more powerful and better at clearing Tsums. This means that each Tsum has two skills at their disposal instead of the standard one from Disney Tsum Tsum. You probably want to unlock a Tsum’s Special Skill immediately after receiving it.

The Tsum in the leader position will be the one whose skills you will be using in play.

Furthermore, each Tsum has a passive ability that occasionally triggers to help give you an edge in the game. Picking Tsums with abilities that suit your needs for your team is critical in completing stages and fighting bosses.

Marvel Tsum Tsum attributes
Image Credit: Jaysen Headley Writes

Lastly, each Tsum also has an attribute (Power, Blast, or Speed) that plays out in a rock-paper-scissors style matchup.

You’d want to pick Tsums that have an attribute type advantage when going up against bosses.

Getting New Tsums & Levelling Them Up

Marvel Tsum Tsum boxes
Image Credit: Heavy.com

Your main method of getting new Tsums is through buying boxes.

There are two types of boxes available to you: Coin Boxes and Orb Boxes.

Coins are earned through regular play as you clear Tsums in the game. Clearing Tsums in long chains will net you more coins. Some Tsums even have abilities that increase the coins you earn.

Orbs are the real-money currency of the game. However, you can also earn Orbs through completing stages, defeating Bosses on certain difficulties, and levelling up your player. So it never feels like you need to pay money to obtain more Tsums.

Unlike in Disney Tsum Tsum, duplicate Tsums do not raise Skill Levels. Instead, they only give your Tsums Experience, as well as add 1 point to their Luck stat.

The Luck stat determines how likely you’ll get bonus items from battles, which includes the resources you’ll use to actually upgrade your Tsums’ skills, and your chance to get new Tsums in Battle Mode.

Marvel Tsum Tsum layers ample new features on top of the original that it feels like a different enough game.

In fact, Marvel Tsum Tsum may just be one of the most complex matching games you will play.

Marvel Tsum Tsum is available on iOS and Android, and you won’t need a LINE account to play the game.

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