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Having Monday Blues? Here’s five accounts of some of the smartest thing a kid has ever said, and hopefully it will help kick away your Monday Blues.

Elangkumaran Jayabarathi

This happened when I was teaching fractions to a kid at an NGO:

I asked him “How do you serve 3 apples to 4 people?” (expecting the answer of 3/4 apples per person)

After a brief pause, the kid replied “I’ll make apple juice and serve one glass to each”

Even though it was not the answer I was looking for, I was impressed.

3 apples

Simon Sanders

When my daughter was four, we were watching some children’s TV shows on a commercial channel. All the ads in the breaks were for the usual rubbish toys oversold by unbearably cute kids and featuring excruciatingly twee fully-sung jingles. Over the course of, say, 20 minutes there might have been 3 five minute programmes and four or five of ads between each one.

Worried that she might want all of – or at least some of – the wares being relentlessly flogged, I asked her “do you think you would like any of the things they are showing?”

She turned to me and said “No, I don’t think so. They can’t be very good things if they need to keep trying so hard to tell people to like them”


Gloria Pillay

My husband took me and my two young sons to a very fancy restaurant for my 27th birthday.( Kids were not allowed; but the restaurant made an exception because the waiter was a customer of our drug store).I told my sons aged 3 and 5 to be on their best behavior and they were very quiet.

The waiters served an amazing dinner, though my steak was rather overdone. I whispered to my husband that I could hardly chew on the steak.

The chef made his appearance to ask, “So, how is your steak, madame?”

My five year old, for the first time opened his mouth to say,” This is not a steak, sir. This is a misteak!”


Namrata Srivastava Patil

My daughter at 7, was looking introspectively at the mirror.

I asked her what she was thinking and she said, “My brain is so weird – it wants to think about me me me all the time, like I am the center of the Universe or something!. Mummy, Daddy has that ever happened to you?’

center of universe

Mike Hoffman

My mother’s friend’s kid, 5 y.o., was in a religion class once (coming from a Catholic country).

The priest was giving a lesson on what ‘Sin’ was. At the end of the class there was a recap. The priest asked: “So, what prevents us from going to Heaven” ?

“Gravity” was the answer given by the five year old.


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