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It may be time to strap on your walking shoes as BookDoc combines walking with Malaysians’ favourite pastime—earning discounts.

Bookdoc is a service designed by Dato’ Chevy Beh to help bridge the gaps in informational asymmetries and reduce inefficiencies in healthcare.

Simply put, Bookdoc will immediately connect patients in need with experts who can assist, anytime and anywhere.

The app is able to give the gift of time for the people for whom time can mean life or death. As many medical practitioners can confirm, early and quick access to healthcare is crucial when it comes to saving lives.

This Isn’t BookDoc’s First Rodeo

But Dato’ Chevy clearly has bigger dreams. BookDoc partnered with Agoda in July to help patients with appointments that require travel to be able to look up and book a nearby hotel at the same time.

This way, patients and family with appointments either locally or internationally do not need to go through the unnecessary worries on top of the wellbeing of the patient.

As Agoda is the largest aggregator of hotels in Asia, the partnership made a lot of sense. BookDoc even enjoyed the endorsement of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia for this function.

Image Credit: BookDoc
Image Credit: BookDoc

Introducing BookDoc Activ

Now BookDoc launches a new extension to their app and it’s all about prevention before cure.

Introducing BookDoc Activ, a reward system for people who need that extra bit of push to start living a healthier life.

The new extension syncs with tracking apps like Apple health and S Health, and wearables such as the Fitbit and Jawbone.

The reward? Discounts. BookDoc will have ongoing partnerships with major retailers and service providers every month if users achieve an average-daily-step threshold.

“Addressing the public’s health problems is at the core of BookDoc’s mission,” said BookDoc founder Dato’ Chevy Beh.

“Obesity rates in Malaysia have been increasing dangerously in recent years, and steps must be taken to address the attitudes of the public on health.

BookDoc Activ does so through positive reinforcement, and with a low cost of entry. We hope to begin a social fitness movement, bringing in more partners and users, and expand and innovate to encourage even more types of healthy behaviour.”

Image Credit: BookDoc

BookDoc’s new partners in their movement are nothing to sneeze at. Well-known names include Guardian, La Juiceria and KFIT (a natural partner as BookDoc was co-founded by Joel Neoh, founder of KFIT).

There’s a clear theme here with the partners. Healthy partners for a healthy app.

Users who expend the effort into walking for discounts (and let’s face it, we’re Malaysians) would be more likely to at least check out these health-inducing options to scour the discounts.

Perhaps this is part of BookDoc’s sneaky ploy to converting even our shopping into healthier lifestyles. I see what you’re doing, BookDoc.

On their end, La Juiceria seems pretty keen on the partnership.

La Juiceria founder Annabelle Co-Martinent said, “BookDoc’s mission is to make professional health care and products available for everyone. Their goals are in line with La Juiceria’s beliefs that everyone is entitled to live their best lives, and for that to happen, they need to be healthy to begin with.

We totally adore this mobile app’s features: from bringing convenience to the public from connecting to nearby doctors instantly to encouraging fit and active lifestyles in such an innovative way. It is an honour to be able to join forces with BookDoc in bringing more healthy options to the mass.”

The new feature is a strategic one. It allows BookDoc to expand their reach to the people who are not in need of medical services since even healthy people now have reason to download the app.

This way, the BookDoc name will be able to reach a wider audience and thus increase the awareness of the app among Malaysians.

Another advantage? The sick in Malaysia can be better informed about BookDoc’s services if the dreaded times do come.

Image Credit: BookDoc
Image Credit: BookDoc

The app and the service are completely free. So users have nothing to lose by just downloading the app and allowing it to run to accumulate the number of steps.

We tried the app over the weekend and reached the bronze level with very little difficulty, allowing us access to the first tier of discounts.

However, since the rewards is based on the average number of steps taken daily, just a single day with very few steps will definitely cut your progress back by quite a bit. So the key here would be consistency.

BookDoc is planning to roll out more discounts with their partners in stages, so users can keep an eye on the app for more updated deals.

The BookDoc Activ feature is embedded in the “BookDoc” App which is downloadable for free on Apple App Store (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).

Feature Image Credit: BookDoc

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