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myBurgerLab doesn’t hesitate to experiment with technology despite being in the rather traditional industry of F&B, all to increase restaurant efficiency.

Last year, they trialled a WhatsApp ordering system that allowed customers to place orders an hour before arriving at the store.

This time round, they’re rolling out a new platform where customers can now pre-order online before going into the restaurant.

According to Teoh Wee Kiat, co-founder of myBurgerLab, “With more and more users buying things from their mobile phones, we’re venturing into the online space to provide customers the convenience of buying the burgers online prior to visiting to our store.”

Using this platform, customers’ orders are cooked to be done within 10 to 15 minutes of their arrival.

This means that for both take away and dine-in, they can skip the queue and get their orders sooner than the usual wait time. This saves time on both ends and eases the traffic flow in and out of the restaurant.

Finding The Best Way For Supply To Meet Demand

Left: Ultraman burger, Right: Kaiju burger
Left: Ultraman burger, Right: Kaiju burger

As we mentioned earlier, myBurgerLab has been and still continues to refine their operating processes by taking advantage of available technology.

When they launched their salted egg yolk Ultraman Burger earlier this year, they opened up reservations for the burger on Google Sheets. Knowing that it would be in great demand, they needed the advance data so that they could prepare for the incoming volume of customers.

Since that worked out very well, they knew there was value in having an online ordering platform.

Wee Kiat hopes that the platform will 1) allow myBurgerLab restaurants to predict demand better and 2) satisfy their customers with a guaranteed order on the site (especially for the ever-popular seasonal burgers like Waterballoon, Seattle, and Kaiju), to prevent disappointment when they go to the stores.

There are also other perks that myBurgerLab has planned for their loyal customers. “With this launch, we are able to craft out special privileges to users who purchase our products online.

By having our own platform, we believe we will be able to pivot faster and experiment with offers or specials that would be relevant to our consumers, based on our own experience.”

Capturing The Efficiency Of E-Commerce

If you’ve done any form of online shopping before, you’ll find the pre-order system a breeze to navigate. Even if you haven’t, it’s not too hard to figure out.

Choose your location and time before being directed to the menu.

After clicking the “Place Order Here” button, you choose your branch and your pickup time and then are redirected to their menu.

From here, it’s as simple as choosing what you want, the quantity and any add-ons. There’s even an Additional Notes section that allows you to make special requests.

Once you’ve added all your orders to the basket, you can proceed to checkout. Fill in your contact details and then you can click “Pay Now”.

Ordering from the menu online is fairly straightforward and easy.
Ordering from the menu online is fairly straightforward and easy.

According to Wee Kiat, they currently have a limited selection of days and time slots and customers have to book their slots 1–2 days in advance.

He added, “As the month goes by, after working out our store operational system, we will improve on the user experience by allowing customers to book more time and date options.”

For now, to sweeten the deal, everyone who pre-books their burgers online will enjoy a 10% discount off the purchases. But make sure you have your mind made up about what you want, because you can’t change your order after you’ve paid.

Developing Solutions In Partnership With Local Startups

The platform was built in collaboration with Shoppertise, a mobile commerce platform that develops solutions for small business owners to sell their products online. This is actually their second collaboration with myBurgerLab.

When myBurgerLab organised their first-ever burger buffet party, they used Pocketbook (also by Shoppertise) to create a page in under 10 minutes. Tickets were sold out within 12 hours.

The first-ever burger party sold out within 12 hours.

What they found then was that mobile customers accounted for 70% of transactions.

What we can draw from this is that a majority of their customers are already savvy enough to use such platforms competently and myBurgerLab is leveraging off that statistic by moving their pre-orders online.

Speaking about the collaboration, Christine Liew, Creative Founder of Shoppertise explained, “This time, we are aiming to hit new milestones by strengthening brand value through a seamless mobile experience that is expected of their tech-savvy customer base.

We are able to make this happen with the release of the new Pocketbook web plugin. We believe that brands that are working on digital transformation should maximise their existing digital assets. Thinking outside the box can put these resources to effective use for a smooth customer experience.”

myBurgerLab’s new pre-order online system can be accessed here.

Feature Image Credit: myBurgerLab

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